We had the chance to test out the Mountain Buggy Terrain jogging stroller.  I’ll admit – I’m a pretty die-hard fan of my BOB Revolution so I felt like I’d be a pretty hard sell on anything different.  As I started taking it out of the box, I immediately started finding features I liked about it!  

First off check out my cute little 2.5 year old in the Mountain Buggy Terrain ;) 

On to the Pros.  Here’s what I LOOOOVE about it:

  • Capacity: Holds a newborn to 6 years old / up to 77lbs
  • Adjustable handle bar:  It is SO nice to be able to move it up and down considering I’m 5’4″ and my hubby is 6′.  This was the first feature I saw when I was pulling it out of the box and I was GIDDY.  Even my running buddy who is about 4’10” and probably 90lbs pushed her son 12 miles with no problem!! 
  • The seat: At first I didn’t like the shallow seat… I was concerned with it being too shallow.  However,  when I put my daughter in the BOB –  I notice she kinda fights to sit up to look out of the BOB.  It’s almost like she is sitting back at an angle and she is looking up – not out.  With the MB Terrain she was looking straight out.  My friend Heather put her very tall 3 year old in it and he fit great and still had head room.  I think the shallow seat is deceptive looking… it holds kids a lot better than you would think at first sight!
  • The canopy: LOVE that the canopy on the Mountain Buggy Terrain can be taken off completely or unsnapped to move forward to follow the sun.  The BOB does not do this and I actually had to purchase a separate canopy thing to block the sun from my daughter’s eyes.  It was not a BOB accessory – some other brand and it was a pain because it looks cheap and flops around.  
  • Seat adjustment: LOVE that the MB Terrain can lay COMPLETELY flat which is perfect for napping.  The BOB does not lay flat – it only goes back to a recline position.  When my daughter was a new born I couldn’t lay her in it to nap and get her out of her car seat – she would just kinda flop down. It is so nice for the Terrain to lay flat in case we are out somewhere so my daughter can sleep comfortably.
  • Accessories: Both the MB Terrain and the BOB Revolution have the accessory to attach the car seats which is cool – plus the Mountain Buggy has the carry cot thing which is actually a nice accessory and makes it more of a rolling bassinet when they are infants (again – not for running just to have)
  • Wheels: Both the Mountain Buggy Terrain and the BOB Revolution SE have the same sized wheels.  The Terrain however has the option to lock the wheel in the fixed forward or fixed backward option – BOB doesn’t have this – it’s one way fixed).  I always run with it in swivel mode because our paths are winding so it just makes it easier – but I like options :) 
  • Contact with ground: The contact with the ground on the MB Terrain is MUCH better than the BOB.  I was doing little donuts in my driveway and all wheels stayed on the ground – The BOB has a tendency to raise up on one wheel when I’m making turns and I literally have to walk over certain parts of my neighborhood to turn – didn’t have to with the MB Terrain.  Heather said she noticed it a little when she took it for a spin today – but so far I haven’t had a single problem with ground contact on the Terrain and this was a constant source of aggravation on the BOB.
  • Hand grips: Heather didn’t care for the grips – I actually liked them because the BOB is spongy and I sweat like crazy (sorry TMI) and I constantly feel like the BOB grips are just crawling with sweaty bacteria… and it holds odors too – yuk.
  • Cleaning:  I LOVE that you can take off the seat on the Mountain Buggy Terrain when it starts getting funky!!!  I can’t take off my BOB seat (unless I possibly unscrew about a thousand screws – but even then not sure if I’m supposed to be doing that).  This is a great feature especially since most moms experience spilled milk (and you KNOW how bad that smells when soured), snacks, kid sweat, kid pee, diaper leakage, you name it.  I just have to wipe it down and I keep having to hit it with fabreeze cause it gets a funky sour smell.  The Mountain Buggy has a removable seat so you can take it off, wipe it down, hose it down, whatever and put it back on. and EASILY.
  • Cup holders: The standard cup/bottle holders on the MB Terrain are nice… and probably good for most people (they dont come standard on the BOB at all) but I prefer the accessory strap on the BOB (an extra $25-30) that they sell that has 2 cup holders and a pouch – but the BOB accessory pretty much fits the MB Terrain so I moved it over ;)  Now I use the MB Terrain bottle holders for stuff I need easy access to or backup water bottles – and use my BOB accessory strap to hold my other stuff.   I have a feeling they may be coming out with one soon enough for the MB ;) Hopefully anyway!
  • Storage: As I mentioned above the seat isn’t as deep on the MB Terrain BUT this makes it a LOT easier to get to the storage below.  When my 30lb kid sits in the BOB and I store stuff below I literally have to PULL it out and it’s a royal pain!!  I cuss a lot when having to get her cooler out when we are out and about.  Not a prob in the Terrain
  • Straps: The adjustable straps actually stay PUT.  My daughter has had burns on her neck from the BOB straps sliding down – the MB straps go up higher and twist-lock in place.  
  • Took it on this trail!  Great handling.
  • Brakes: I CAN’T STAND the emergency brake strap on the BOB – that has been one of my biggest pet peeves while running with it.  It’s a long strap attached to the wheel break – and I have to hold the strap in case she gets away – but its so long and annoying to hold.  I’ve actually dropped it on a few occasions and tripped on it which puts on the emergency brake and almost sent her flying!!!  I’ve also picked up my hand to move hair out of my face which put enough tension on the strap and again – it kicked on the emergency break and started clanking and sputtering and locked up the wheel.  The OPTIONAL hand break is great on the Mountain Buggy Terrain for when you need to slow it going down steep hills (the BOB is all or none) but it also has the parking break and a SHORT leash. 
  • Trail Handling: BOB was not really the best on dirt/grass/cracks.  It does have some pretty good shocks – but we have farm and mountain land – and the BOB wasn’t the best for off-roading.  I took the Mountain Buggy Terrain on a trail run and it handled BEAUTIFULLY!!!!
  • Suspension/Shocks: Seems to have great suspension and handles great on sharp turns.  The BOB compared to all others that I’ve tried is great too – but something about the MB Terrain just seems smoother over bumps.
  • Running with it: Oh another huge thing is that the distance from the handle bar to the wheel on the Mountain Buggy Terrain is much greater than the BOB.  I think when I compared them side by side the MB handle bar stuck out an extra 3ish inches from the back wheel which is FANTASTIC because I know when I first started running with the BOB I actually would kick the tires…. and seems like a lot of my friends that offer to “take over” pushing my daughter do the exact same thing. With the MB Terrain it’s far enough away you could have a long stride and not worry about kicking the tires!!!  
  • Quick release wheels: Both BOB and the MB Terrain have the quick release wheels – essential for being able to remove the back wheels quickly for storage/added trunk space.  

The Cons:

  • Storing in the car:  It folds different than the BOB which folds in half. The Mountain Buggy Terrain folds down from the front wheel which takes a little getting used to – but the length when folded takes up slightly more room in my trunk (I think it was like 3-4″ longer) than the BOB Revolution. BUT I love that the Mountain Buggy (MB) Terrain stands up and is flat when folded for storage because the BOB does not and there’s no good way to store it when it’s not in my car.  
  • Weight: It’s slightly heavier (I think from the website specs it was 4lbs heavier than the BOB Revolution SE (what I used) but I can’t really notice it when I’m pushing it – but I think the weight helps it stay more grounded when I make turns which you will read below is one thing I love about the MB Terrain.
  • Capacity:  The Mountain Buggy Terrain does not currently come in a double – it’s single only.  So if you are looking to hold 2 kids this is a bummer.   Fingers crossed for the future!
  • Carseat adapter abilities: The Mountain Buggy DOES have an accessory to hold a carseat like the BOB however, you have to unsnap the seat part to use it… the BOB allows you to just add a bar and still have access to the seat part.  This seems kinda inconvenient if you occasionally use it for your child in a car seat – but also want to have the option to use a seat.  Fortunately the seat is so easy to snap on and off you can do this relatively easily if needed.  And I will say that if you have a child in a car carrier chances are you will usually only use it for them…. but still seems easier to just add a bar across the front like the BOB does.

Now price point…. assuming we are comparing full price MSRP – looks like BOB was $449 and MB is $499.  I think BOB must have gone down in their price recently to $399 – marketing strategy now that they have competition?? I don’t know…. but from online shopping looks like you can get the BOB for as low as about $375 and MB for $475. Is it worth the extra $100???  I say yes.  If I’m going to invest that type of money in a quality jogging stroller the adjustable handle bar, seat reclining back, and sun shade adjustability, distance of the handle bar from wheels, and the breaking system are enough to sell me alone on the extra $$.  The fact that it actually handles trails, bumps and turns better just makes it gravy. 

I will say that the BOB Revolution is found online occasionally on clearance (random special sales and when clearing out older models) but there’s no counting on that….  I do still love the BOB Revolution and still have my original just as a backup.  But if I was preparing to buy one and I had to pay full price – I’d say the Mountain Buggy Terrain would win out. 

So that’s my opinion.  Maybe more info than you needed but I really was satisfied with the quality and honestly I’ve been with my BOB for so long (and know it’s a ‘respected’ brand among my running friends) I was doubting the MB’s abilities.  I thought I’d be a hard sell but as soon as I pulled it out of the box and saw the adjustable handle bar I was excited to see what else on my “wish list” it had…. Once they make a pouch to fit across the handle bars it will be darn near perfect.  Of course I could use the 3-4″ back in my trunk – but with everything else I can’t help but to love it.
Be sure to visit the website for videos/details/photos and what not by clicking here:
This review is completely unsolicited and 100% my thoughts and opinions.  Mountain Buggy does not pay to advertise on our sites nor has paid for this review.  This was actually written to someone who was asking my opinion on the Mountain Buggy. 
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5 Responses to Mountain Buggy Review

  1. Green Plate Rule says:

    Thank you for the review! I'm looking for a new single jogging stroller now that one of mine has started Pre-K. Can't wait to test out a Mountain Buggy!!! :)

  2. Amy P. says:

    Very informative review of the Mountain Buggy. Thank you! I really love the photos you took. The shadows from the trees are so cool looking and your little passenger is adorable!

  3. angela says:

    I just found your website while doing a search for reviews of the Mountain Buggy Terrain. I found your review to be very thorough and helpful – thank you! I have a question – have you had any problems with the front wheel wobbling when you jog/run. I read several reviews on amazon that said it wobbled when it was unlocked or locked. They also complained that the stroller wouldn’t track straight when the front wheel was locked. Any advice or feedback you can give on how that front wheel handles when you jog would be greatly appreciated! It’s such a huge purchase at $500 that I want to make sure it has excellent handling and performance. Thank you!

    • pamburrus says:

      I run with it in swivel mode 100% of the time because our paths/roads are super curvy. So far I haven’t had a single problem with it while running. I don’t know about the locked position because I never use it locked – but I do know that whether it’s locked in the forward position it’s supposed to have something like 5 degrees of wiggle and that’s just so it’s easier to maneuver when it’s locked. A true fixed wheel is SUPER hard to turn and personally I find totally annoying haha. Not sure if you’ve ever run with a jogging stroller before – it will take some getting used to whatever mode you run in – I just could NEVER personally tackle the fixed – and even my friends that have fixed only say they wish they had swivel…. so you may never even need to worry about the fixed and the 5degree wiggle. I wonder if the reviews on Amazon didn’t know about that little “built in wiggle” (I just remember the rep telling me about that). I’ve been using the MB for a while now and let a friend borrow it so I switched back to my BOB which I used to swear by and love – and I SWEAR it was so hard to go back!!!!! I thought for a while they would be easily interchangeable – but the MB has such a smoother ride, my daughter seems to like sitting up more (rather than sinking back in the BOB seat) and OMG I can’t live without the adjustable handle bar!!!!! It just seems to handle better in general…. but I do know it’s a big purchase. My only complaint is the way it folds down and fits in the car – just takes up about 4″ more room (longer) – but I LOVE that I can store it in my garage standing up so it’s so hard cause it’s a good/bad thing ya know????

      Sorry this was so long hahahhaa. Summary: No problems running in swivel. I haven’t run in fixed mode, but there IS a built in wiggle room while fixed so this may be the thing they were complaining about… Did that help any?? haha.

  4. Macy says:

    Great review. Very helpful thank you.

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