Music can be a total lifesaver on runs….. it can get you pumped up for a race or get you in the zone when you are running longer distances.  And while I hate to condone listening to ipods/mp3 players while running on roads or at night (you always need to be able to hear cars coming or whats going on around you) I will say that music is just a part of running for a lot of folks – (present company included).

When we went running with the PTC running club – I was literally the ONLY one with earphones…  can we say embarrassing???  Apparently ‘real runners’ dont need music.. they can just get lost in the scenery and their breathing…  I can do without it if I’m running with someone and we are talking – but I’ll admit – I need noise.

Before we get started, here is a link to the Bridge to 10k podcasts/mp3 playlist.  Even if you aren’t doing the Bridge to 10k training – the music in the list is really good and FREE!! I run to week 1 a lot!!!
Click here for her lists

Anyway – that was my (Pam’s) little intro to our music lists.  And without further ado….

Heather’s Mix on her ipod for gym/running

  • Nelly Furtado: Maneater and Say it Right
  • Beyonce: Halo
  • Lady Gaga: Bad Romance,Poker Face, Just Dance, Paparazzi
  • Sugarland: It happens,All I want to do
  • KT Tunstall: Suddenly I see
  • Black Eye Peas: I got a feeling
  • Rihanna: Umbrella
  • Alicia Keys: No One
  • Katy Perry: Hot N Cold and California girls
  • Flo Rida: Right round
  • O.A.R.: Shattered
  • Metro Station: Shake it
  • Michael Franti: Say Hey
  • Eminem: Love the way you lie
  • Usher: Omg
  • Justin Timberlake: Sexy back

Those are my favs…..If you have a list that are must haves let us know…Here is a list from

And now Pam’s list… It’s kinda a random blend …Don’t hate :)

  •  Daft Punk: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
  • Dirty Vegas: Days Go By
  • Fall Out Boy: Dance Dance
  • Flo Rida: Low
  • Gnarles Barkley: Crazy
  • Jamiroquai: Canned Heat
  • Jamiroquai: Virtual Insanity
  • Crazy Town: Butterfly
  • Junior Senior: Move Your Feet
  • Panic! At the Disco: I Write Sins Not Tragedies
  • Paul Oakenfold: Ready Steady Go
  • Prodigy: Breathe
  • Sisqo: The Thong Song (yes, I went there….)
  • Three Doors Down: Kryptonite
  • Ah Ha: Take on Me
  • Juvenile – Back That Thang Up
  • Urge: Played Out
  • Urge: Jump Right In
  • Zombie Nation: Kernkraft 400
  • Queen: Don’t Stop Me Now
  • Sneaker Pimps: Spin Spin Sugar
  • 311: Freak Out
  • Eminem: Without Me
  • Incubus: Anna Molly
  • Bosson: One in a Million
  • Boy Hits Car: I am a Cloud
  • Stabbing Westward: Save Yourself
  • Chumbawumba: Tubthumping (yep – that one too) 

So what is on YOUR playlist???  Let us know!

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      4 Responses to Music for Running!!

      1. Cris says:

        Raise Your Glass- Pink
        I Gotta Feeling-BEP
        OMG- Usher
        Poker Face/Bad Romance/Born This Way- Lady Gaga
        Change Your Mind-Sister Hazel
        The Only Exception- Paramore
        The Middle-Jimmy Eat World
        How Far We've Come- Matchbox Twenty
        Fire Burning (Somebody Call 911!!) Sean Kingston
        Zombie- Cranberries
        Something More-Sugarland
        Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles
        F**k You- Cee Lo Green
        Gives You Hell- All American Rejects
        Dance,Dance- Fall Out Boy
        In The End- Linkin Park
        Fat Bottomed Girls- Queen
        I Want You to Want Me- Cheap Trick

        I also found some downloads of Marine cadence drills that I listen to sometimes to get me moving.

      2. Rhonda Caughlin Werner says:

        All my most recent play lists are here on the playlist tab on my blog:

        I'm really loving my Obscure Favs and Hard Rockin' and Runnin' List.

      3. Carolyn says:

        I don't listen to music when I run bc I have to focus on my breathing…. If I could listen I would… I like black eyed peas or Brittney Pandora for my nonrunning workouts!

      4. timbrel says:

        You can't have a playlist without Justin Timberlake's "Damn, Girl", can you!? ;)

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