A few days ago (or last week or something…) Heather shared with you her race routine.  I love that everyone has different rituals and habits so I figured I’d share mine with you!!

The night before a race I eat pasta.  No – I don’t really believe in ‘carbo loading’ – it’s just more of a habit and tradition for me.  Occasionally I stray from this – but for the most part I’ll eat a bowl of pasta.

I print out directions to the race from Google Maps.

I lay out everything I’ll need for the next morning – mostly because Chris watches AC during the races and I try not to wake him up by digging through drawers ;)  I pick out my outfit and gather my newtons, socks, garmin watch & heart rate monitor, spibelt or fuelbelt depending on how far I’m running, and visor or bondi band depending on how sunny it will be.  Today I ran my first race without music (10k) and I think I’m going to give it up for good.  One less thing to fiddle with.  (Ok, I lied – I ran a race without music one time because it DIED ON ME and I was miserable – but since I started running more with friends and talking instead of listening to music – I’ve found I enjoy the quiet)

I try to go to bed around 10pm (that’s early for me) and try to wake up an hour before I have to leave so I have time for coffee and a protein bar and other morning duties.  I wear makeup to races.  I know – you may think that’s silly, but I do.  I leave with enough time to get to the race 30min prior (more or less depending on parking and if I need to pick up a race packet).

I get to the race, stretch a little, pee if there is time, find someone to chat with (I like meeting new people!!) and then stretch a little more.

I usually position myself in the middle of the pack during a  big race, but I’ve been feeling pretty confident lately and moving up a little ;)  No – I’m not ‘fast’ in some books – but I feel like I’m faster than some and I’d rather start out a little fast to beat the crowd then pull back a little.

During the race I pick someone out in front of me that seems like they are going my speed and use them as my pacekeeper… I keep their pace until they pull away from me (and I can’t keep up) or I pass them, then pick another.  This seems to really work for me.  I TRY not to focus on time much when I’m running… I just run until I feel like I can’t run faster.

When I can see the finish line (really when I can see the clock numbers) I sprint.  I like to sprint ;)  I know that sounds silly – but I always feel like a superstar runner when I cross the finish line hehehe.

Then I fill out my time card (if they have them), grab some water, and walk around a little until the awards ceremony.

Then I go eat something sinful because I CAN.

And that’s my race routine :)  What’s YOURS?

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