Well… back to the drawing board on shoes.  I don’t think the Kinvaras are going to work out for me :(

Newton Stability Performance Trainer

As I mentioned in my “favorite things” blog post – I LOVE my Newton Running Shoes.  Love-love them.  I even named them “Go-gi” which is what my little niece use to say for “I love you” (no clue where she got that… but it stuck).  But they are expensive (as I also mentioned).  Like as in $175 expensive.

Yes, the Kinvaras I tried on WERE comfortable from a bottom of the foot standpoint… HOWEVER – I also mentioned the edge hitting my ankle and I wondered if it would drive me nuts.  Well – it does.  I have tried them on 2-3 other times trying to convince myself it’s not that bad – but it is.  I guess my ankle bones are just lower than everyone elses (or are these really cut that much higher??) – Either way – I can’t handle it from just trying them on so I’m too afraid to take them on a run and risk not being able to return them later (and no, I dont do the treadmill/indoor thing – doesn’t seem the same to me)

I’m heading to West Stride in Atlanta some time in the next week or so since they are one of the very few stores in GA that carry Newtons.  I have 2 fears.

  1. I try them on and they have changed their design since I purchased my pair 3 years ago and then I really AM back to the drawing board.
  2. I try them on and LOVE them all over again and I’ll have to fork out some cash.  
Newton Stability Performance Racer

Yes – that was a total oxymoron (or something) but I just feel torn.  I keep trying to convince myself that really it’s only about $60-80 more than a regular pair of shoes – and if I’ve run in these 3 years (well 1.5 years minus the 1.5 I took off from running while having a kiddo) and never had an injury – maybe it’s worth the extra $$??

They do have a few more options than when I tried them on… I’m curious about the Stability Performance Racer which is about $20 cheaper… Hmmmmmmm maybe that is a good compromise??  Oh.. shoot.  They called this one the “race day” shoe… so I’m guessing it’s something you don’t run with on an every day basis …. But I’m going to find out (go ahead and feel sorry for the sales associate at West Stride that will help me that day)

As far as any other shoe I’m curious about…

Karhu Racer fulcrum_ride

There is a shoe called the Karhu Racer fulcrum_ride. They are $115 which brings me back to the “well, Newtons are only $40-60 more” problem. However.. looking at the profile they do look a lot lower as far as cushioning goes…. but they look funky on the heel… I may give them a shot at least. 

Anyone else out there run in a minimalist shoe that is comfortable, will go the distance (wear and tear wise as well as long distance running) and that’s reasonably priced??   I’ve already tried Nike Free Run (and didn’t care for them – but then again that was a few years ago..)

Thanks for letting me ramble and talk through this  – I already feel better ;)

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2 Responses to New Shoe Dilemma

  1. Becca says:

    Lol.. may be over thinking? Lol

  2. Pam Burrus says:

    Totally over thinking…. but shoes are the most important part of running :)

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