Heather and I headed to West Stride in Atlanta for new running shoes.  Caroline (who was so SO friendly, patient and helpful!!) videoed us running to check for pronation – both of us are neutral runners!  I was told in the past that I had very slight pronation if any at all but apparently it can change over time so it’s good to get your feet re-analyzed each time you get new shoes.

We both started with the Asics Cumulus – a neutral shoe.  I wasn’t a fan of the way they came up in the back (ankle sensitivity issues) but they WERE comfy other than that – very squishy.  Heather liked them and they were in the running (I’m good with these unintended running puns) for her next pair of shoes.

Heather also tried on the Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ and Mizuno Wave Precision and ruled them out. The Mizuno’s hit on her ankle like the problems I have with the Kinvaras.  The Nikes she liked and were like the Nikes that she currently has but she wanted something new.

Her final decision was the Brooks Ghost 3.  She felt they were light, cushiony and snug!  Sounds good to me!!  Not to mention they are great colors too (and will look good with our MRTT gear hehe).

And Heather was done.  Ugh – gotta love her decision making skills.

I also tried on the Mizuno Wave Precision and agreed – they hit my ankles weird and just not “it” for me.

Then came the Newton Running Shoes – I started with the neutral version of the Newtons and it felt very familiar :)  Comfy, and just fit like a glove.  The only thing I noticed was it felt a little like my right ankle was turning in when I jogged with them…. so just out of curiosity I tried on the motion version.  Again – fit like a glove.  I’m just a Newton girl I guess :)  These felt a little more ‘built up’ is the only way I can describe it.  I honestly couldn’t decide which one was a better fit.  They both felt very similar…   

Then to throw a wrench in it – I tried on the trail version.  Surprisingly they were really comfy – and I LOVED the colors – but that’s not a reason to buy shoes, so I took them off. 

They let me get back on the treadmill and videoed me running again.  We literally had to pause the video of each shoe (the neutral and the motion) while I was landed on my left foot and then paused it when I landed on my right foot – there was LITERALLY no difference… so then I just had to make a decision based on feel.  Only because my right ankle felt like it turned a little in the neutral trainer– I went with the motion trainer.  Plus- that’s what type I had before so I decided to just stick with what has worked thus far.  (and have to throw in that I avoided the obnoxious orange of the neutral shoes – but that’s not why I got the motion control) If you are curious about  Newton Running Shoes – Visit Newton Running to learn more about how to improve your running. I swear they really do make me faster and make me a better runner!!!

Ok so that took me a good hour to decide.  Poor Virginia (who was AMAZING by the way!!! She even gave my daughter some string cheese because she was fussy!!) had to deal with my indecisiveness and poor Heather had to wait on me and babysit AC!

But we got new shoes!!!  Yay!!!  We are both going to try them out in tomorrows 5k.  Yes, I know it’s not a good idea to run a race in a new pair of shoes – but we are just ‘running’ tomorrow – not ‘racing’.  Gotta break them in somehow right??

More reviews to come on the Brooks Ghost after Heather gives them a few runs.

Oh and gotta give one more shout out to West Stride in Atlanta – they were so awesome! A small running shop chock full of cool running gear and filled with passionate employees.  You could tell they had a client following as numerous people walked in that the employees seemed to ‘know’.  It is so refreshing to shop in a store that isn’t trying to shove the most expensive shoes down your throat or harass you to buy other gear. They were SO friendly, laid back, and knowledgeable.  They were runners too – not just some high school kid looking for a part time job. Oh AND we got a little ‘royal treatment’ in honor of the Royal wedding today… a free brooks “run happy” shirt and a brooks makeup bag filled with a few goodies.  I am a TOTAL sucker for free stuff so that just made my day :) I’m easy like that.  If you are in the Atlanta area (or heck, even if you aren’t) – DEFINITELY check them out.

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