As women we have this ability to suck our friends into stuff they didn’t think they wanted to do…. whether it’s signing up as room mom with you – or brownie troop leader – or volunteering at the concession stand…. and of course there’s RUNNING!  I bet as you are reading this you are thinking “yup, my friend sucked me into running” or “yup, I sucked a few of my friends into running already”.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember where we started from and all the basics to tell new runners.  We want to immediately jump into splits, speed drills, tempo runs – and all they want to know is what shoes to buy.

Well hopefully this little collection below will get them pointed in the right direction.  We will add to this as we think of more!

Please note the links below will take you away from the Moms RUN This Town site and onto a 3rd party website. We do try to check links often – but if you notice anything wrong, please let us know.

Selecting Shoes:

Shoes are SOOOOOO important and I CAN NOT stress this enough!!!!!!  If you get into the wrong shoes you can not only injure yourself, but you can also find running to be much tougher than it really is!!

The Ultimate Beginner's Running Guide: The Key to running inspired by Ryan RobertBooks to Read:

  • The Ultimate Beginner’s Running Guide:
    “The Key To Running Inspired”
    By Ryan Robert
    This easy-read ebook is only $2.99 on Amazon or you can get it FREE if you are an Amazon Prime customer. I read it and even though I’m not a new runner – I learned a few things!!!
    Very conversational and perfect for those who want to know all the basics to get started.
    Read our full review here
  • Train Like A Mother: Super fun book from the authors of Run Like A Mother – This book covers how to train for a race, including training plans for a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and marathon and offers plans for both beginner and more experienced runners; the importance of recovery; pre- and post-race nutrition; strength training; injury prevention (and rehab); and everything busy women need to know to add racing to their multitasking schedules.

5K Training Apps:

Training apps are a GREAT way to get started because they put you on a slow steady course to help you train without injury.  They prevent you from going out too far too fast and help you build up to a 5k distance.  These programs also have 10k versions when you are ready for that.  Here are our favorites:

  • Running Mate’s Free 5k101: 5K101 is a simple, “Couch to 5K” podcast training program which you can download directly to your iPod or any other mp3 player, and it’s a totally free download from iTunes. This is an 8 week running training program where you download each weekly workout, go for a run and hit play.  From there you will receive audible coaching on exactly when to run and when to walk so as to stay on a pace that will help you to prevent injury and give you the best chance for success as a beginning runner.
  • C25KFree – Couch Potato to 5k Runner: An 8 week plan where you work out 3 times a week to work up to running a 5k. Each workout session is 30-40minutes long (including a 5 min warm up and cool down) and is designed for people who are just taking up running. In this program you will alternate running and walking until you build up strength.

Other Good Apps:

This is not a training program but a great gps tracker for those without gps watches.  Just a word to the wise – they can be ‘off’ on distance sometimes so don’t put TOO much weight in them… if you are typically a 10:30 pace and one day you run a 5:70 pace there is a chance something may be off ;)

  • RunKeeper: RunKeeper has a built in GPS so you will know how far and how long you run. It helps you to track your progress and workouts in a fun, social, and easy to understand so that you can improve the quality of your fitness.
  • MapMyRun: Another GPS app to track your runs and upload them to the website.  You can build a community of friends too so you can see each others progress!

Running Methods:

  • Learning about ChiRunning / ChiWalking – What is ChiRunning? It is a revolutionary running technique that allows you to run with less effort and less chance of injury!
  • The Galloway Walk/Run Method – Jeff’s quest for the injury-free marathon training program led him to develop group training programs in 1978, and to author Runner’s World articles which have been used by hundreds of thousands of runners of all abilities. His training schedules have inspired the second wave of marathoners who follow the Galloway run-walk, low mileage, three-day, suggestions to an over 98% success rate.

Articles on Getting Started:

  • “Moms find their stride”: How beginners can start moving, stay motivated, and live healthier. Written by: Deanne Haines. Article on pages 46-47 (pdf document)
  • 100 beginner running tips – tips on apparel, manners, motivation, nutrition, injury prevention, etc.
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