Ok, so one thing about me is that I either don’t care for a company and just don’t say anything – or I LOVE a company and I literally tell the freaking world!  In my “line of work” (ha!) I get bombarded with requests to try products or attend events.  For the most part I decline because I get so overwhelmed but every once in a while something peaks my interest… and now prepare yourselves for the GUSH of a lifetime because I’m quite possibly OBSESSED with this company.

Meet NOW® Foods – one of the coolest companies I’ve ever seen!  So here’s how I learned about NOW® Foods.  About a month ago I was invited last minute to an “#NOWGetFit Immersion Event” – no clue what that is. I’m not a blogger but apparently this is a “thing”.  All I heard was “trip to Chicago” AND I got to go with one of my BFFs Whitney from He and She Eat Clean (and also my co-host for the WHAM Podcast hehe). How could I pass this up?  Then I heard “free products” – Ok, so most people would be excited….. this terrified me.  Why?? Because what if I didn’t like them?  I’m not one to sugar coat stuff – maybe this is why I decline so many product reviews…. but lemme just tell you – not only did I like the products…. I freaking LOVED THEM!!!

When we got to Chicago I had the chance to meet a few of the other fellow bloggers.  Not going to lie, I kinda felt out of place…. This was all foreign to me.  I couldn’t understand the thought process to being invited to come to this, but here I was.   We arrived to the hotel and had a chance to eat and hang out with the other bloggers.  Super cool people and we had fun finding ways we were similar and the differences we brought to the group.   I love meeting  new people and learning about their “thing” so this was kinda cool for me in itself. 

That night we were invited to a dinner to meet some of the employees from NOW® Foods.  (Confession: Maybe they told us who was going to be there?  But clearly I didn’t know…. this is important…. follow along) So I sit down at a table and a man named Dan sits next to me with his NOW Foods jacket…. I’m like cool – a NOW employee is hanging with us.  Then Dave joined us.  Cool, another employee.  Our table talked about everything from his kids, to my kids, to cars, to cats doing tricks, to MRTT, to who knows what…. but when I say it was a completely random mix of topics it was!  But it was like talking to a long time friend just “catching up”. Imagine my surprise when Dan was then introduced as the OWNER of NOW Foods.  I think my stomach sank and I immediately analyzed every word I had said to him hahhaha Then Dave – also known as “Food Dave” who is in charge of creating all the food products.  IN CHARGE.  And the CEO was there.  Yall – I’m like in here with the top dogs of the company and you would NEVER know because they were SO DOWN TO EARTH.  We finished our convos and dinner and I swear I left there feeling like they were family.   And to me, to get that family vibe from a company…. a BIG company… was just awesome.

The next day started with a  R.I.P.P.E.D. workout at the resort followed by a pretty tasty protein shake with some of their food products including vanilla almond milk, NOW grass fed whey, organic banana, organic blueberries, and mango chili cashew butter.  Yup… you read that right – Mango Chili Cashew Butter – and omg was is oddly delicious!!!

NOW Foods NOW Foods

Next we went upstairs for a little lesson in their aromatherapy line including making our own gym mat spray and massage oil!  Um….. LOVED THIS.  I learned about their process for obtaining the essential oils and their process for verifying the quality.  My best takeaway from this was realizing that some of the other MLM oil companies are really no different in their oils…. they are just more expensive!!!  I’m posting our mat spray and massage oil recipes below so you can make them at home!

Photo Apr 28, 9 54 31 AM Photo Apr 28, 10 05 04 AM

After we got showered up (confession, I didn’t wash my hair ha!) we went on a tour of the factory – can I just say how BLOWN AWAY I was about their process.  How strict they are about avoiding cross contamination. The continuous checks and balances for error. And when I say they have an INSANE testing process for the purity of ALL of their products – yall, I am NOT KIDDING. It’s insane!  But it made me feel SO safe about the quality and in all honesty, I literally don’t know how I can buy another brand anymore hahahha.  Ok…. so now I’m beginning to see why they bring people up here.  It wasn’t smoke and mirrors, it was legit.  This company is for REAL.  And I just kept falling deeper in love. As in, like I’d totally work for this company in a heartbeat.  It WAS family.  The CEO and all the “high ups” knew EVERYONE’S name on the line.  Warm fuzzies all around.

Photo Apr 28, 12 55 52 PM  now2

We ate lunch and learned about some REALLY cool products they have for runners (which I’ll share in future posts). Then we got to go down to the kitchen and make our own dressing and learn about a lot of their food products!  Suzy, the chef on staff to come up with recipes is like this happy little firecracker.  Am I gushing enough?? Cause seriously – I like kinda have a crush on this company.  I wish yall could “see” my excitement…. and what sucks is I’m missing SO  many little details and things because it’s quite possible I’ve already lost many of you in my description of this event.  



I’ll wrap this up so we can do the giveaway and I’ll break down my gushes for future posts and talking about products.  Know one thing….. and this is a promise that I will stand 150% behind.  While I was given some free products, I ALWAYS have the ability to decline working with companies and not blogging if I just don’t believe in a product….. so know….. KNOW…. that when I say I love a product or a company it is with all that is legit in me.  I don’t do this for a paycheck, I don’t do this for free products.  That to me is just bonus.  It actually stinks that I have to do all the #sponsored and #ad stuff for legal things – but I hope yall know me enough to know that we have been ad free and B.S. free for our entire existence.  If I love a product I will sing their praises whether I get free stuff or not ;) So…. #ad #sponsored – whatever.. I’d totally buy the products myself (and have already ordered a few – yup – full price!)

Ok so are yall even more excited for the giveaway??  You should be…. because LOOK AT THIS STUFF!!!!  I’ve had the chance to use *most* of these products.  Right now I’m loving the essential oils in the diffuser and the pre-workout.  I can’t guarantee all the products in this pic will be in your prize pack but it will be close ;)


To enter just like NOW Foods on Facebook and use Instagram or Twitter to share a pic of a product you want to try!!  Make sure you use the rafflecopter form below to let us know you did those things! 

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