prod-2-img-1First off – what the heck is a “TENS” unit?  The technical acronym/definition is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.  Basically it’s a drug free way to get pain relief in crazy-tingly localized kinda way ;)

The first time I tried something like this was at a race expo and I didn’t really have any pain (lucky!) so I wasn’t really sure if it worked or not.. but just thought the idea was cool.  Skip forward 2 years and sciatic pain during pregnancy, pain from carrying my 20lb son ALL-THE-TIME (mama’s boy) on one hip, pain from packing/moving/unpacking boxes and furniture during our move – oh and then there is a little thing called marathon training.  All of that together has given me some pretty painful lower back pain but $40 per chiropractor visit isn’t in our budget right now.

A bit before our move I was asked to review the Omron ElectroTHERAPY Pro Unit and I was STOKED but also a little skeptical.  Naturally being a little nervous about the way it felt I put it on my hubby and made him try it ;)  His response was “woah this is kinda weird….”.  Being mid-move I kept packing boxes and figured I’d try it one night.  2 months later and we are settled in our house, back is twinging, then I remembered my new toy.  Still skeptical I read through what to do (pretty easy) and turn it on.

What I love:

  • The size:  It’s thicker than, but smaller than my iphone and comes in a handy little pouch to keep the unit and cord together.
  • Function: Right off the bat I noticed there is a setting for Lower Back!  SCORE.  There is also settings for Arm, Leg, Foot and Joint.  I used the lower back function and it goes through a range of motions.  It also has a setting for Tap, Knead, and Rub.  The lower back (and I assume the others) use a rotation of these 3.
  • Intensity:  I was a little apprehensive to turn the unit on because I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t want a “shock” feel – but I was PLEASANTLY surprised to find that the intensity starts at “0” and you can increase it one at a time to an intensity of 10.  I found that the small steps were AWESOME for slowly adjusting and by the end of my session I was up to about an 8 and liking the way it felt.
  • Duration: It only takes 15 min to do!  I just used it while typing the first part of this write up ;)
  • Pain management:  Not even kidding when I say I felt a difference after the first time I used it.  I typically walk around with a constant low level of pain – but after my first session it was so minor I could only notice it bending way over.  I even picked up my son pain free!  I’m looking forward to being more proactive about using it regularly.
  • Longevity:  The pads last approximately 150 times and you can simply rinse them off.
  • Price:  Surprisingly the price is reasonable!!  Think 1.5 chiropractor visits or about the price of one massage!
  • Options: There are “large” pads that you can purchase for larger muscles for a very reasonable price (less than 1 chiropractor visit and lasts 150 uses) and they also have a smaller unit with Arm, Lower Back and Leg/Foot options and 5 intensity levels.


The sensation takes some getting used to…. it’s a tingly/vibrating feeling that may seem kinda like a stinging feeling at first but if you increase slowly in the intensity it’s not bad at all.  After the first minute you get used to it and it feels really good!!!!!

Would I recommend this?  Heck yeah!  Honestly I don’t post reviews on stuff I don’t like…. I just say “thank you” and carry on.  This is a winner!

And now YOU have the chance to win one and share in the tingly goodness that is Omron ElectroTHERAPY!

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