Are we gear junkies? You may call us that… Here are a few of our favorite things

Stuff we BOTH love:

  • Baby pushers: Bob Jogging Stroller – AKA ‘The Bob”. I’ve pushed a few jogging strollers but NONE compare to the Bob. Super easy to push and steer with one hand (well the single that is – Heather feel free to chime in on the double), relatively light weight, has wheels that pop off in seconds to fit in smaller cars and AMAZING I (heather) have the double and It is easy to push one handed I have run 3 miles with out stopping and could have gone farther!! I have the Carseat adapter so with certain carseats it just snaps onto the stroller…I was out walking/running when Carter was 12 weeks old!!shocks!!! I purchased the infant adapter so that AC’s bucket carseat would snap on top of it. The infant adapter comes with a tray for when they outgrow the buckets and are ready for snacks :) I also have the drink holder – a must. The single has two cup holders and a zip pocket for stuff.
  • Head gear: Bondi Bands: OOhh LOVE me some Bondi Bands! Perfect for taming fly-aways, wicking sweat (if you get the sweat wicking ones which I recommend because they stay in place PERFECTLY), covering your ears during the cold months, and quite eye catching too! My favorite one says “I run so I can eat”… but I also have “Don’t make me Tae Bo you”, “Operation Shrink-a-booty”, “Super Mom”, “Run like a mother”, “In my dreams I’m a Kenyan” (hmmm where is that one?? haven’t seen it in a while…) oh and about 30 others. Yes, I’m a junkie. I always joke that I have a sock drawer, an underwear drawer and a BONDI BAND drawer!!!
  • Key/Phone holders: SpiBelt: No it’s NOT a fanny pack… it’s a hip-hugging-key/phone/license/money holding-streamlined-belt. And it’s cool… it’s comfortable… it’s FUNCTIONAL… it’s awesome. And again I say it’s NOT a fanny pack….

Pam’s Picks:

  • Ponytail holders: Yes, this is important… Goody’s Secure Fit Pony Tail Holders – these are AMAZING for super thick hair!!! I have to wear 2 of them, but they work, and they STAY!
  • Shoes: *Deep Sigh* Newton Running Shoes…. ahhh how I love my Newtons. A hefty $175 splurge 3 years ago put me in the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had… but I’ve also had some pretty crappy shoes in the past so that doesnt really say too much haha. I’m looking for a new pair that’s a little more affordable, isn’t chock full of unnecessary padding (post to come soon), and comfy… Oh and that make me super fast ;) Visit Newton Running to learn more about how to improve your running. 
  • My ‘typical’ pre-race day spread.
  • Sports Bras: Champion 1050. LOVE this sports bra!!! comes slightly padded to help those who are ‘challenged’ in the chest area – AND is nice for running in colder weather for…. um.. well you know – it keeps things hidden that should stay hidden haha.
  • Socks: HUGE fan of the Under Armour HeatGear No Show sock. Love, love, love…. SO comfy, keeps your feet nice and cool, has the arch support band, and they are low but not too low! Oh I love them so much!
  • Protein Bars: Power Bars.  I do like a few of the others out there, but the one that I keep going back to is the PowerBar Triple Threat Energy Bar – Caramel Peanut Fusion.  I’d love to try the YouBars (build a bar) where you can literally make your own protein bar and have them shipped to you.  Has anyone ever tried these??
  • Shirts: I LOVE my long sleeve Under Armor shirt with little thumb holes to keep the sleeves down. I can’t find a link to one but I’ll keep looking. I also have a couple of tanks from Under Armor that are thin and sweat wicking. Ok they are REALLY thin – but that’s a good thing. Just wear a cute sports bra under it and you are good to go ;) And I actually kinda like my running tank from … get this… WALMART. It’s sweat wicking and has a built in sports bra!
  • Shorts/Pants: Take it away Heather….. I’m SO cheap when it comes to running clothes – most of my stuff came off the clearance rack and I’ve yet to find a pair of shorts/pants I like…
  • Music Players: I run with an old school and cheap MP3 player…. and occasionally my Envy Touch – neither of which I like very much, but its music so whatever. Heather has a cool new iPhone… I want I want I want…
  • Timing Device: I have enjoyed my PolarFS3 since I got it 3 years ago. It’s comfortable to wear, has all the basics like date, time, stopwatch, saves your last time in there for recall and if worn with the heart rate monitor will record your high, low and average heart rate for the run. You can set it for your max and min threshold heart range and it will beep to keep you within that range when training. The heart rate monitor is a chest strap and is actually pretty comfortable. I forget I’m wearing it. The only thing I wish it had was GPS and an option to hit ‘laps’ so I can see my pace for each lap, oh and there is no way you can “upload” your data (some polar watches have this abaility) but other than that it’s pretty good I guess….

    Would I buy it again? um… no. Especially since it doesnt look like it’s gone down in price since I got it 3 years ago!! I think I’d spend a little extra $$ and splurge on something that did the other things I wanted. But if I found one for about $20-$30?  Sure!  Like I said, it’s been a great watch.

    I’ve looked at the Garmin Forerunner 305 with a LOT of features (all the ones I want) and has built in GPS. I heard it was pretty large on the wrist update – I tried it on and yes, it is big, but not uncomfortable. I’ll probably just wait until its time to upgrade phones and get a droid or iphone so I can do everything PLUS music.

Heather’s Picks:

  • OK my favorite thing is Runkeeper!! Look it up on our other post here!!
  •  A friend just told me about Thorlo socks they are Awesome!! I have new shoes so of course I got some blisters but after wearing this socks it protects your feet where it needs to..Plus when you take your socks off your feet aren’t sweaty at all… :)
  • I HEART LuLuLemon!!! I got a pair of Yoga pants 3 years ago and Still wear them to run in!! I also got the Long running tights!! these are the cropped pants I have and Love them!! But mostly I get shirts at Kohls or Target!! Also Target has a cute new running skirt out!! Haven’t tried it but looks good and has “shorts” underneath!
  • I have Moving Comfort Bra’s I love them as my friend always ask does it give you UNIboob??? It doesn’t… It does have a underwire but it keeps them in there place :)
  • Shoes I have the Nike “Luner” Shoes which means they are very Light but I also have 3 blisters on my feet so I am still in the market for “different” Shoes or I need to break these in more!
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4 Responses to Our favorite running gear….

  1. ANGIE says:

    I'm going to have to try the socks out!! As for shoes…have you guys heard of Big Peach (or something like that??) There are several locations around Atlanta; I think we're planning a trip on Saturday. They do an analysis of your foot when you're running (some computerized thingy) and then suggest the best shoe for what your style is. One of my "fellow boot-campers" went last weekend (she was experiencing knee problems) and says she felt a difference on Monday…first thing! So, I'm very interested to see what they say; I think the shoes are a little pricey depending on what they suggest (??) but everyone says it's WELL worth it!!

  2. Pam says:

    A friend sent me a gift certificate for You Bars. I love them!!! I didn't particularly like the powdered drink mixes though. They include samples in your order. The trail mixes, were trail mixes. Nothing stood out. Give the bars a try.

  3. jack mechal says:

    I like the tactical gear because I can wear it for work and for working out.Fits nicely and is comfortable.Very good at moisture wicking.This helps keep me dry and my shirt dry. armor.aspx

  4. […] was totally stoked to win a certificate for a Champion sports bra! If you read my ‘favorite running gear’ post – you’ll know I always wear the 1050 – by FAR the most comfy bra ever, […]

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