As promised – my report on the FuelBelt after my first run with it.
Run length: 7miles
Other notes: Ran WITH the jogging stroller…. my daughter woke up with a temp, fussy and clingy (I think she’s cutting her last 4 teeth) so she had to come with us all 7 miles!!!  Longest run with her to date!

Anyway… back to the review:

Post run – new positioning of the belt :)

Started off with the FuelBelt on my hips – I told you I liked stuff to sit on my hips.  Well – it could have been a combination of things but about .1 mile into the run I had already slid it up to my natural waistline and with a quick tug of the straps it was sitting snug on my waist – and surprisingly was really comfortable there!! Did this one handed mind you!  So A+ for easy adjustments… A+ for comfort.

Didn’t attempt to drink anything until about 4miles.  I literally didn’t have a choice to use 2 hands to get the bottles out since one hand was on the jogging stroller – but low and behold – I could grab a bottle one handed, drink, and slide it right back in there!!  Yes, there was a little wiggling involved – but I think part of that getting used to – and the other part so that they just dont flop out.  Bottom line is it really is one handed entry/exit!

I preferred my bottles to be up in front.  It just felt more natural to grab them there.  Heather wore hers in the back and said she didnt have a problem getting the bottle out one handed, but putting it back in was a little tricky.  Remember – this is our very first time using them.  We will continue to experiment and let you know what works best for us and you can try and let us know your experience as well.

I grabbed the bottles a few more times throughout the run and seemed to get better with the entry/exit thing…. I’m very curious to see how it is when I’m not trying to steer a jogging stroller with the other hand.  I’m assuming it will get even better.

But I’ll have to say – for the first run – I’m thoroughly impressed!!  Not only was it totally comfortable (kinda forgot I was wearing it) but it did just what it said it would!!  I’m so stoked to FINALLY have water on runs again. I SUCK when it comes to grabbing open cups along race paths.  I always bump the persons hand when trying to grab it, I GULP the water with a big fat air bubble and it HURTS and it always slows me down because I’m trying not to spill the water down my shirt…  The bottles are small enough to fit in my hand even if I wanted to keep one for a min while running, and I could get the right amt of water to satisfy me without gulping.

Oh – totally just realized… I never even got a side stitch after drinking the water either!!  When I get water at races, I ALWAYS get a side stitch – that’s why I quit taking the water.  I dont know if it was breaking my stride, and the amount of water I was consuming – but I was drinking comfortably on todays run!!

YAY FUELBELT!!!!  Add it to my list of favorite things!!

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  1. Rhonda Caughlin Werner says:

    Glad it worked for you. I don't have the one you guys bought, but the Nathan one, very similar. I also was hoping it would ride on my hips like my spi belt does, but just like you it rode up, and it is comfortable there, that's where I wore it for my half a week ago.

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