I’m always on the search for new protein bars and shakes so I was SO excited when I was asked to review Premier Protein products.

I received this TOTALLY SWEET box of 6 protein bars  (Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Crunch and Yogurt Peanut Butter Crunch) and 4 protein shakes (Chocolate and Vanilla) plus a super soft shirt and gym bag.  Have I mentioned I’m a sucker for freebies?? Nicely done PP, however I swear that has no bearing on my review.. I’m actually totally picky when it comes to protein stuff as far as taste goes….

Lara Bar / Premier Protein Bar size comparison

Moving on…  I was reserving the bars before a long run so my 20 miler was perfect.  Normally in the mornings I have a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Lara Bar – but they are SO SMALL for 20 miles that wasn’t enough.  As I was chomping on my Premier Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter bar – first thing I notice was THIS THING IS HUGE!!!  It’s about twice the size of my Lara Bar and only 280 calories!!! (Lara Bars have 220!)  Yay for that!

I LOVED the taste of it – I’m kinda picky about protein bars because most that are PACKED with protein (these have 30grams!) taste very chalky and kinda nasty…… These taste FANTASTIC!  Almost like a candy bar!!

I’ve read you are supposed to eat protein AFTER you work out not before – but I need something in my belly and “bars” (as my daughter calls them) are the only things I can stomach early in the morning.  These worked perfectly.

I didn’t want to O.D. on protein (can you do this??) so I saved a shake for after another hard run.  I forgot to chill it – but tried it warm and it was still good!  Nice to know if I’m running far from home that I can just take it with me or throw it in a cooler.  I’ll admit though – I don’t really enjoy drinking just plain protein drinks…. I have to make it like a milkshake.  Feels more like a “reward” to me when I do that.

I dumped the rest of the chocolate Premier Protein shake in my  blender with some ice cubes and a scoop of almond butter and it was DELICIOUS!!!!!   Like amazingly delicious… the drink itself has 160 calories so not bad at all!!  I’ve also blended the vanilla flavor up with a banana and THAT is good!!!  I’m going to try throwing in some pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice next time.  I’ve done that with other shakes and it’s YUMMY esp in the fall!!  Heck I bet you can even toss in some spinach and make a “green” protein shake!!  Options are endless :)

So my review??  Two thumbs up!!  I was trying to “ration” my freebies and save them for my important runs – but just found out you can buy them at  Costco & Sam’s Club!!!  YAY!!!!  You’d think I’d be a fan of ordering stuff online – which I am – but I’m SOOOOOO impatient so knowing I can swing by Sam’s on the way to my run or on the way home rocks my world!!!

Wanna try Premier Protein products for yourself??? Four – yes, FOUR winners will receive:

  • 6 Premier Protein bars: 2 bars in each flavor (Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Crunch and Yogurt Peanut Butter Crunch)
  • 4 Premier Protein shakes: 2 shakes in each flavor (chocolate and vanilla)

To enter do any of the following OR do as many as you want, but leave a SEPARATE comment for each one you do!!

  1. Tell us what flavor bar you are most excited about trying!
  2. Visit the Premier Protein website (http://premierprotein.com/) and pin your favorite product on pinterest. Come back here and tell us what you pinned!
  3. Head over to the Premier Protein facebook page and “like” them and come tell us you did.  If you want to – tell them Moms RUN This Town sent you ;)
  4. Tweet your excitement about the giveaway: “I’m hungry for some #runningfuel from @premierprotein via @momsrunthistown!!”
    Be sure to follow them too! https://twitter.com/premierprotein
  5. Share this giveaway on facebook and/or twitter using the share button below the post. Come back and leave a comment for each one you do.
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47 Responses to Premier Protein Review & Giveaway

  1. Jennifer Nelson says:

    Chocolate peanut butter is usually my go to protein/ granola bar flavor… Can’t go wrong!!

  2. marie says:

    I’d love to try them all! I’m all about lower calorie/higher protein bars! But I will admit that I have a soft spot for chocolate peanut butter anything!

  3. marie says:

    I liked and shared this page! As always!

  4. marie says:

    And naturally while I was at it, I liked Premier Protein’s FB page!

  5. Emily says:

    The Double Chocolate Crunch sounds delicious! I’d love to try that flavor!

  6. Emily says:

    Liked their facebook page!

  7. Emily says:

    Shared on facebook too!

  8. Jodi L says:

    Liked on Facebook!

  9. Jodi L says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  10. Jodi L says:

    Most want to try double chocolate crunch. . . and the chocolate peanut butter. . . mmmmm chocolate. . . .

  11. Brooke Lee Smith says:

    Pinned, dying to try choc/peanut butter!

  12. Brooke Lee Smith says:

    liked on FB!

  13. Brooke Lee Smith says:

    Shared on FB!

  14. Theresa E. says:

    Chocolate Peanut Butter

  15. Theresa E. says:

    liked on Facebook

  16. Renata says:

    Yogurt peanut butter crunch! They all look good – hard to choose just one flavor!

  17. Renata says:

    I liked Premier Protein on Facebook!

  18. Ray says:

    Double Chocolate Crunch! You can never have enough chocolate or crunch! :-)

  19. Renata says:

    I follow them on Twitter and tweeted your giveaway link too!

  20. Ray says:

    I like Premier Protein on Facebook!

  21. Renata says:

    I also shared your link on my Facebook wall too! Thanks so much and fantastic review!

  22. Ray says:

    Shared on FB too! Thanks!

  23. domestic diva says:

    Yogurt peanut butter crunch sounds great.

  24. Georgiana says:

    I am most excited about trying yogurt peanut butter crunch! Yum!

  25. Georgiana says:

    I like them on Facebook!

  26. Georgiana says:

    Also shared the link on my facebook wall too! :-)
    These look so healthy and delicious! Great review!

  27. Double chocolate crunch sounds amazing!

  28. Liked Premier Protein on FB!

  29. Shared the giveaway on FaceBook :)

  30. nik says:

    Chocolate Peanut Butter in a heartbeat!

  31. amanda says:

    Anything chocolate peanut butter has my vote!!!

  32. crystal says:

    Chocolate peanut butter!

  33. Tt says:

    Dbl chocolate crunch sounds great!!

  34. Tt says:

    I liked premeir protein on facebook!

  35. Amanda J says:

    I’d love Double Chocolate!

  36. Amanda J says:

    Liked them on Facebook!

  37. Amanda J says:

    Followed them on Twitter

  38. Ali Mc says:

    I really want those chocolate pb bars!!!

  39. Ali Mc says:

    I pinned the bar

  40. Krista Morin says:

    Double Chocolate Crunch

  41. Krista Morin says:

    Liked on Facebook

  42. Krista Morin says:

    Shared on Facebook