I keep hearing you mamas ask “how do I prevent shin splints” and have even gotten a few “I can’t run because I get shin splints”…. Well I’ve told you before and I will tell you again WITH PROOF that it’s ABOUT THE SHOES!!!

You may have been rolling your eyes when I was stressing about which shoes to get – but I SWEAR it makes all the difference in the WORLD.  When I first started running I had bad knee pain and shin splints – but I listened to what I kept reading and got fitted for shoes.  Turns out I pronated slightly – so I got shoes to fix that and haven’t had a problem with shin splints since!!!

And here is my proof:  A video today from active.com (love this site) that basically says – the 90% of shin splints come from pronating and to get FITTED FOR SHOES.  Not at shoe carnival, not at payless, not at TJMaxx- bite the bullet and go to a REAL running store where they watch or video you running so you can get a proper analysis for your shoes.  They can tell you EXACTLY what your running style is and fit you for the right shoe.

And I’ll be the first to admit – I’m cheap when it comes to spending money.  But if you plan to run – SHOES are worth the investment.  Go to TJMaxx and Ross for your clothing – not for the shoes!!!  And even if you want to shop around a little – just go and learn what type of shoes you need – then you can go home and see if they are cheaper online. 

The video also discusses purchasing orthotics for the inside of your shoe (they have them now where you can stand on a machine and get semi-fitted) – and while this will help, I still recommend getting a good shoe to start with rather than trying to ‘fix’ a crummy shoe.

Here is another good article from Runners World: Pronation, Explained

Here is the video: Watch, enjoy, LISTEN.

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  1. ahmad says:

    hi , I have shin splints
    I feel the pain only when running and when the pressure on the leg
    I live in Saudi Arabia and I need to type the appropriate boot

    Thank you ..

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