So Pam,Staci, And I (Heather) did a local Race today! It is a Race for Riley! Riley a local Girl that Has Mitochondrial disease. Pam and Staci ran the race last year and talked about the awesome Swag Bag so I said ok I am in, and what a great cause on top of it! I rode with Pam and left so we would get there 30 minutes before the race, but we are moms so left 5 minutes late!! We are 5 minutes away and get a call from Staci there is a traffic jam on the way there!! She was almost there we asked if she could get our race packets and for us. We go there parked and it was already 8:20 the race started at 8:30 but they said they were going to delay the start!

We had a 10 minute walk to the start! And of course I had to PEE!!! To top it off there were 7 people in front of us to use the Port-a-potty….we came out to meet Staci and her husband and they said the race already started!! UGH!! Look at the finish line and the clock already said 5:30!! So we were really late! 

We all started our watches and off we went! I was irritated it was a hilly course so half way through I wanted to walk! But I knew I had to train so I had suck it up and run!! Pam passed me by around mile 2 yep I got passed by Pam and She was pushing ANNA!! Not only every race do I have to pee but then my shoe came on tied!! Pam finished ahead of me around 34mins I came in 34:30 and Staci came in 36ish….Pam’s Forunner said 28:25 mine was 28:34 and Staci was 30:17.. A PR for Staci!!! YAY Staci!!

So on to bigger and better things Our Swag Bag!! It is full of Proctor and Gamble stuff!! The best thing in there for me was Secret Deodorant.. Because Absent mined Heather forgot her Deodorant and was half way to Pam’s before I remembered!! :) SO I wasn’t stinky Heather!! ;)

Going into the race we knew we wouldn’t place and I am a sucker for a good cause!! So here is our swag bag!!

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