After the attacks on the two NY runners recently… and after many other NUMEROUS un publicized attacks on runners throughout the country, MRTT SRTT has decided to ban together the weekend of Aug 26-28th to host a RAVE Run. This name was coined by our Brooklyn, NY SRTT chapter leader who coined the name RUNNERS AGAINST VIOLENCE EVERYWHERE.

We plan to work on other ideas to promote unarmed self defense and other methods of armed self defense to women runners and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. Join us in a weened of remembrance and activism. WEAR RED OR TEAL to signify that we need to STOP the attacks and Teal for sexual assault.

Join the event for more information and to find a group to run with near you!

If you are interested in hosting a RAVE Run in your area you do not have to be a MRTT SRTT Chapter Leader!  The goal is to get as many women together as possible to show our support for those who have lost their lives as well as make a statement that we will NOT stop running but we WILL stop the violence!  Feel free to partner with with running stores, local personal defense instructors, law enforcement, other running clubs, moms groups, etc!  Let’s Take Back The Run!!!!!!

Runners Against Violence Everywhere - Take Back The Run

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