Growing up I had a few little “things” that I was just drawn to….Stuff that glittered, glowed in the dark, reflected, was a hologram or scratch and sniff.

And I’ll admit – even though I’m 30 years old I STILL love those things :)  So when I first discovered reflective iron on vinyl I was SO excited to be able to cut out the Moms RUN This Town logo with reflective vinyl.  I got a sample, cut it out, fell in love, ordered more…………. and don’t get me started on the rest.  Bottom line is it didn’t work out and I was BUMMED :(

In Comes RelaxReflect!!!!!

O-M-G.  Can I just say I am OBSESSED with this company??? I’m talking head to toe reflectiveness ;)

I don’t run in the dark often (mainly because I don’t have this kick butt outfit…. yet…..) but when I do – I’m SHOCKED at the number of people I see running with a tiny head lamp and NOTHING reflective.  I’m sorry – but doing that is just DUMB.

I feel so much better when I’m running in the dark if I can be SEEN and RelaxReflect reflective running gear is WHERE IT’S AT.  Not to mention it is INSANELY cute!!!!

I don’t need to say any more.  I believe the website will say it all so just go HERE and check them out.  Oh!  And we will have them make up some Moms RUN This Town designs for you to order too!!!!   Hang tight for those.  

See the awesomeness from this running club in Helena, Montana called the Running Freaks :)  Love it!!! 

And just another collage of the super cool reflective gear they have:

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