This testimonial is from a very close friend (and of course a MRTT member) who used the Run Builder program from He and She Eat Clean to better her half and full marathon time.  I can vouch that her results are 100% legit and just literally seeing the changes in her body has been AMAZING.  I frequently got text messages after every milestone/victory she had in her running along the way.  If you follow these programs THEY WORK!!!!

Read Natalie’s testimonial and then head over to the Training Plans page to purchase your copy of the “She Sweats 12-Week Run Builder” program!

  • Age – 42
  • Week 1 Mile – 9:15
  • Week 12 Mile – 7:58 (shaved 1:17 off her 1 mile time!)
  • Week 1 Plank – 1:30 min
  • Week 12 Plank – 5:00 min
  • Week 1 Weight – 155.8 lbs
  • Week 12 Weight – 139.8 lbs (Lost 16lbs)


Natalie’s Personal Records before/after the She Sweats 12-Week Run Builder Program

  • 5k time (shaved 3:19 off her time!)
    Previous PR: 31:10
    New PR: 27:51
  • 8 mile time  (shaved 3min off her time!)
    Previous PR: 1:23:20
    New PR: 1:20:28
  • Half Marathon time (shaved 7 min off her time!)
    Previous PR: 2:21:05
    New PR: 2:14:13
  • Full Marathon time (shaved 26 min off her time!!!)
    Previous PR: 5:36:57
    New PR: 5:10:55
  • Ran 4 straight miles (previously did run/walk intervals) sub 10 min (9:46, 9:50, 9:17, 9:33 final time 38:27) for the first time!

At the end of 5 weeks (from Natalie): Ok – I had to share this because I’m so EXCITED!!!!!! My 1 mile time 5 weeks ago was 9:14. Tonight: 8:28!!!! Everything was the same: time of day, interval of run 3:00 min walk 30 sec, route, and even timing device (mapmyrun). The only difference was that it was a lot HOTTER! (86 with a feels like 91!) I started eating a little more this week and broke through my plateau! Here are before and after for the end of 5 weeks! Can’t wait to see what happens as I enter the new phase!

At the end of 8 weeks (from Natalie): I had to check in again because I thought I was going to cry when I put a bathing suit on!!! After 8 weeks, I’ve been able to fit back into clothes I haven’t worn in years and they fit BETTER than when I first bought them! Here is my before picture and my bathing suit picture today. (Pardon the red face – It was still red after my 20 minutes of sprints!) I’ve completed 8 weeks of the Run Builder and been eating about 90% percent clean! (I have a snow cone once a week with cream on top! :-) ) I LOVE the Run Builder!!!! I never dreamed I’d look better at 42 than I did at 32! :-)

At the end of 10 weeks (from Natalie): I just timed my 1 mile after almost 10 weeks on the program. I’m training hard over this 2 weeks because my race is at the end of the 12 week mark. I didn’t want that to reflect in my time so I timed it tonight. Drum roll…..7:58 on mapmyrun!!! I had to use that the first time instead of my watch and I know it’s not quite as accurate. Still, the improvement has been HUGE!

  • Week 1 day 1 – 9:15
  • End of Week 5 – 8:28
  • Almost end of Week 10 – 7:58!

I have NEVER seen that time EVER – not even using mapmyrun!!! I LOVE this program! I’m beyond excited! Not only have I lost 15 lbs, I can hold a plank 5 min and shaved 1 min 15 sec off my mile. Plus, I had an epic run tonight! I ran my fastest 8 mile time ever – 1:20:28! I shaved off 3 minutes from my previous fastest! I also had my fastest 4, 5, 6, and 7 mile times too! I decided to add a cool down 1.3 to make it a 15k. Even running that much slower I still had my fastest 15k time – 1:35:39! I love the program so much, I’m starting the program over! Bonus: I was down again this morning. I weighed in at 143.8. I started at 155.8! Grand total of 12 pounds!



Additional Testimonial: I did it!!! I rocked the Soldier Half with a 2:18:41! My previous fastest was a 2:21:05. I probably would’ve finished a little faster but my calves started cramping around mile 10 and I had to slow down. (I tend to have problems with that anyway and my longest run over the past few weeks was a 15k.) I felt so strong!!! I couldn’t be more excited!


Is that enough proof that these training plans WORK????  Now head over to the Training Plans page to purchase your copy of the She Sweats 12-Week Run Builder Program

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