I think a LOT of us can relate to the ‘weight loss’ thing… however if you are one of those naturally skinny mamas go eat a some donuts guilt free and leave us REAL women alone to vent ;)

Ok – back to the issue.  I’ll admit – I’ve ALWAYS been conscious of my weight.  My first memory of feeling ‘fat’ was in the 4th grade… gymnastics.   I remember not wanting to take my shorts off because I thought my legs were chunkier than the other girls.  FOURTH GRADE!!!!  And that was before all the pop stars, internet, magazines and what not… just goes to show that  there are influences everywhere.

I went through a ‘chunky’ awkward stage for a LONG time.  Finally got to a ‘comfortable’ weight my Junior/Senior year in High School… then started college and put on the dreaded ‘freshman 15’ (and a little more!).

Moved back home 2 years later and went on a diet/exercise binge.  Lost too much weight (yes, there is such a thing) and looked sickly and it was impossible to maintain.

Bounced back up to a healthy weight for my frame before I got married.

Then I got ‘comfortable’… and by comfortable I mean fat :)  I put on 20lbs in my first two years of marriage and when I tipped the scales at 2lbs more than my 6’ tall hubby – I decided I needed to start the diet/exercise regimen again.

Lost back down to wedding weight plus a few pounds more – but again – it was an ‘unstable’ weight that I couldn’t maintain without counting EVERY CALORIE I ATE.

Thank goodness we got pregnant so I had an excuse to eat again and gained 38lbs….It took me a little over a year to lose it back to a healthy weight again.  Mostly because I didn’t do anything about it.  I would run occasionally but nothing regular.

Now here I am running my butt off and I’ve only lost 4lbs since last year.  I’m more conscious about what I eat and I run about 18-22 miles a week…I’ll admit – I was getting TICKED about not losing weight…


I read in the JG book that some people can even GAIN weight while running due to muscle weighing more than fat and increased blood…. NOT what I wanted to hear.

Well – I knew what I weighed at the last Peachtree Road Race and what I weigh now (thats where I got the 4lb weight loss from) so I pulled up my photo from last year and compared to this year.

I could be wrong – but I can DEFINITELY see a difference from last year vs. this year!!  The JG book said you may not lose weight but you will loose inches and looking at my thighs and arms in the pic I’d say I definitely did that!!!! Plus I know I’ve lost 3″ in my waist…

So now I’m over the scale thing.  It’s not about how much I weigh – it’s about how my clothes fit and how I look… so ditch the scale and pull out the measuring tape or camera if you want a better idea of how running is helping you!!! 

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3 Responses to Running Epiphany #3: Weight Loss

  1. Amanda says:

    I can see a difference between pictures. I am one of the ones gaining weight from running you've inspired me to get out the camera and have a look see.

  2. Pam Burrus says:

    Thanks! And I meant to mention that I actually dropped below my current weight and have gained about 2-4 lbs since running a LOT. I started back running 4-5 days a week in March but in about feb I weighed my pre-preg weight. Since then the scale went up which really bummed me out. Again – it's all about inches!!!!

  3. Amy says:

    All I can say is AMEN! As a weight watcher leader I constantly tell our members to take photos, take your measurements and DO NOT let the number on the scale rule your world. I had a member years ago drop 3 dress sizes before she lost a single pound! She became very active and turned fat into muscle and since it is denser it takes us less space plus burns more calories at a resting rate (meaning you can burn calories while you sleep if you have more muscle mass) Thanks for posting!

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