You are in luck – today is a short one ;)

I get SO hung up on time.  Like to the point where if I know what I want my ‘average pace’ to be – and it differs by a second over, I’ll speed up…  I have GOT to break this habit.

JG mentioned that you will burn about 100 calories per mile regardless of speed – and that if you would SLOW YOUR PACE DOWN you could go farther.  Since I’m training for a marathon in November – the key IS to go farther (I’ll worry about speed on my 2nd marathon hehe).

I tested this theory on Sunday when I went out for a 6 mile run pushing the kid…  Planned my pace about 45sec/min slower than what I normally would do (or try to do)… went out 4 miles and felt STRONG – came back at a little faster pace and after a 1 mile cool down I ended up doing 9 miles (my longest run with her to date was 7 miles!!)

Then I realized – races are for fast paces.  Speed days are for fast paces.  The rest of the time I need to hide the watch (sorry, I can’t leave it at home – I need to look at numbers later hahahah) and just run. 

Going to test it again this Sunday and hopefully do another 9… maybe more? ;)

Happy Friday everyone!! Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

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One Response to Running Epiphany #4: Pace & Distance

  1. Amanda says:

    UGH, me too! Im trying to be better about pacing myself slower in order to go farther, but lately it seems like I have one speed. Im not a super fast runner, but I think if I slowed my pace some I would have better luck with the longer runs and recovery.

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