Virtual races are running rampant these days – and we think it’s a great way to make 3.1 miles a little more interesting.

Jess over at “Run with Jess” is holding her annual “Cupcake Classic” and the girls in my MRTT chapter were chomping at the bit (ba-dum-ching!) to run this race.

Two awesome mamas stepped up to organize an “event” for us.  Jodi and Krista rode out in the golf cart to mark the course with chalk since we would have all paces.  We had a table set up, of course home made cupcakes from Jodi, and Krista brought water, bananas, and set a date for the event!

We had 15 girls come out for the first group (one was taking the pic) – then another group met later that day, and yet another group the following day.

Group 2 before:

Group 2 after:

Once we finally got all the girly stuff out of the way (chatting, taking pics, adjusting gear according to the weather, situating kids in strollers, etc) we were off!!

The course markings were AWESOME – kudos to the chalkers ;) – and we even came up on the final chalk marking that said “Go get your cupcake!” Love a little extra motivation for the last .1!!

Two of our mamas got their first sub 30min 5k – so they were awarded “cupcake sucker trophies” ;)  The 3rd went to another mama who had her 2nd sub 30min 5k!  Our ladies are getting faster!!!!

We also did a visor giveaway (like the theme-y prize bag???) Can’t have a group run without a giveaway…

It was a fun race and we all learned a new 5k course!  Thanks Jess for hosting a fun event!

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  1. Jacy says:

    That’s awesome!!! Looked like a lot of fun!!

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