mad-medalOur Summer Virtual race was just announced!!! Are you asking “what IS a virtual race?” – Well we answered  that question HERE!

If you already know what a virtual race is, let’s move on with the details:

There is a 5k/10k/Half Marathon option AND we will be announcing extra “adventures” should you choose to accept them ;)  Be sure to follow us on facebook for the adventures and updates on the virtual race.  Medals will not ship until July so please note that when you sign up!!!

The race dates are July 1- July 31st.  Just complete your selected distance within that time frame, come back to our website in July to fill out the completers form and you are eligible to win prizes!!! (Canada and US only).  Prizes are NOT based on time – they are drawn completely at random so everyone has a chance to win! You can choose to purchase a medal or run the “free” version – and yes, we now ship medals overseas :)

Ready to sign up or want more info??   Click HERE for the details and registration!

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