Heather here! I know that I run with the boys 1-2 days a week and I am free of them the other days! We have a discussion all the time of who runs with the wheel “fixed” who runs with it unfixed. Another great topic would be what do you do to keep them entertained and what do you bring with them.
I will start off that I mostly run in my subdivision with them and the loop is about 3 miles that is the farthest I have ever run with them! It’s about all my little guy Carter will take. I run with the wheel unfixed I have never tried to run with it fixed! I try and run on the road so sometimes I have to hop up on the curb and think it is easier to have the wheel unfixed for that reason.
They love looking at books while I am running and it seems to keep them happy for a while until they want to switch books! Or they get thrown out of the stroller.
I normally bring them a sippy cup I try and stay away from bringing food because my youngest will just shove as much as he can get into his mouth..
The greatest thing that I have to bring with is the iPod Touch I have a couple movies on there that they will watch! The only thing is that I am afraid one day they will throw it out and I will not know!
I would love to hear your input and other ideas of what to do to keep them happy!!

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