Since Heather had a few skirts – I asked her for her thoughts on price/design/quality… here is her take on running skirts!

Hello all!!
I have 3 different running Skirts: C9 from Target around $19.00, skirt Sports I found it on sale at around $50.00, and my latest is RunningSkirts I got online at $58.00.

Each one is different!!

The one from Target has the “shorts” underneath
the one from Skirt Sports has the Shorts underneath but are Mesh
and the one from RunningSkirts has underoos/Panties underneath!!

Each one I have taken on a 3 mile run and with the c9 and the Skirt Sports they both rode up and I was constantly pulling the shorts down!!

I was nervous about the RunningSkirt and running with bare legs but Pam, Pam and I did a 9pm night run and I didn’t have any chaffing!! I love everything about the Runningskirt or as I call it my Fancy Pants!! It is very comfortable It has two Awesome pockets on the side and you could put your iPod in one and the other you could put Gu’s or whatever you need to fuel and the Little Runner girls on the front are reflective!! The color I picked has about 7 colors on it and was VERY easy to find a shirt that matched!! They have awesome colors to choose from!! I think it fits pretty true to size I am a 10 And I got the size 8 because I was worried that the 10-12 would be to big! The size 8 is snug but I would still worry about the 10-12 being to big.

Another cool thing about RunningSkirts is that they reward you for orders you earn points with a purchase and with the points (they points they transfer to a dollar amount) you can deduct a amount from your total purchase..

I have auto-fill on my computer and when I ordered it I must have hit a wrong button the first line there was a number 1 in front of my address..I over looked it when I had placed the order. Later on that evening I received a call from RunningSkirts asking if they could verify my address because it didn’t seem like I had entered it correctly. I told her the correct address and she said that the package was going out later that day and I should receive it in 2-3 business days!!

I like wearing the skirts I feel happier when I run in the skirts. Or feel like I have an extra spring in my step! :)

I can’t wait to order another one and then one for the fall time!

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2 Responses to Skirting the Issue – Heather’s take on running skirts

  1. irissutcliffe says:

    Yay for skirts! That Running Skirts Mums number looks fantastic on you! I have in black and LOVE it.

    I get the best fit when I go down a size from my regular pants size. (At least in the athletic style with compression shorts—I've never tried the fancy pants model.) It'll seem snug at first, but it's fine when you're running and you'll have no slippage in the waist area.

    Viva la running skirts!

  2. fancy nancy says:

    I love love love running skirts! I'm not a fan of shorts so skirts are like a breathe of fresh air for me!!

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