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Smelly feet, yes I have them.  Unfortunately my daughter has inherited them from me too.  Normally I just keep my shoes on, but lately I’ve found a number of times when I’ve had to go from being shoe-footed to bare-footed… and needless to say I was horribly self conscious.

Earlier this summer the fabulous people at Fuel Belt sent Heather and I samples of their new Fresh Feet Wipes.  At first I was just like “ooohh cool – great idea” but I thought usually when I run, I just run then go home and shower so how useful could these things really be.  I didn’t blog about them right away because honestly I just tried them out after a run and thought they smelled nice, they got the running funk off my feet, but that was about it.  I threw a pouch in my car and didn’t really think about them for a week or so.

I did go for a run one day but instead of using them on my feet I wiped down my hubby’s car seat after I drove home in it dripping in sweat hahhaa sorry hubby!!! But hey – it made it smell minty  fresh after!

But it wasn’t until later that the epiphanies started rolling in.

Epiphany #1: Heather and I were at the park with the kiddos… I was in my flip flops, kids were in their sandals, there was nasty dirty sand below them…. Time to go and my feet were FILTHY.  Kiddo’s feet were FILTHY.  Then I remembered THE FRESH FEET WIPES!!!!  I pulled them out and passed them around.  Sandy nasty feet were gone and even the kids noticed the peppermint smell!!  It ROCKED.  Ok – so maybe my use wasn’t for running… it was for the PARK.

Epiphany #2: Skip forward again another week…. kiddo’s music class.  The teacher said “parents we ask you take off your shoes and your children’s shoes and get comfortable”.  I was wearing my little ballet type flats with NO SOCKS.  I kept my shoes on, took off Anna Claire’s shoes and sadly smelled the funk…  Then I remembered I tossed the package of fresh feet wipes in her diaper bag from the park!!!! SAVED!!!!!  Quick wipe of the feet, and we were both good to go without the funk smell!

At this point I realized how handy they came in so I tossed another pack in my purse, replenished one in the car and kept one in Anna Claire’s diaper bag.

Epiphany #3:  I finally joined a gym.  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to join a gym but a mixture of self consciousness and price kept me away.  Thank goodness the awesome folks at Atlanta Fitness (plug!) in Newnan hooked our Newnan chapter of MRTT up with a $5 discount each month.  I decided to take the plunge and join.  One class they offer is called Centergy – a mixture of Pilates and Yoga.  I’ve never done this in a ‘class’ setting so I didn’t know what to expect.  I wore my running shoes, brought my mat and attempted to look the part in my black tight capris and light pink tank.  Walk up to class and everyone is waiting outside in FLIP FLOPS.  Ahhh junk.  It’s a barefoot thing.  All I could think of is the 20 minutes my feet had been in my OLD running shoes and how I did not want to take them off.  Looked at my watch, I had 5 min.  Ran out to my car, grabbed a couple of  fresh feet wipes in my hand and headed back inside.  Took off my shoes and discretely wiped my feet fresh.  WOO HOO.  Loving these things now!!!!

Epiphany #4:  My sister and I work a consignment sale every year.  It’s a week long event and it’s in a HUUUUUUGE warehouse/horse park thing at the fairgrounds.  It gets pretty dusty and funky in there.  I usually wear old running shoes and jeans because I don’t even want my bare legs around the dirt that comes in.  My sister on the other hand wears FLIP FLOPS.  Omg seriously nasty.  I’m not kidding when I say she has the looks of a flip flop tan line when she’s done working her shift.  We were heading back home (at like 2am) and her words were “dude, I’m so tired I’m not showering tonight” my response… “OK, THAT’S JUST NASTY”.  hahahah sorry to rat you out sis.. but for real. Gross.  I pulled out the fresh feet wipes and said “PLEASE at least wipe your feet down”.   She LOVED them.  Then stole my package.  Jerk.

Epiphany #5:  I attempted a barefoot run.  Yes, I ran a whole .25 miles barefoot.  It sucked.  I won’t lie. I thought I’d work on form but my road was so bumpy and ouch-y that I didn’t last long before I needed shoes again.  I ran back to my car (ok, it was more like a tiptoe type thing) wiped off my feet from gravel and grossness, and put my shoes back on.  I bet barefoot runners would love these things!!!!!  And no, I’ll never be a barefoot runner! Sorry.

Ok so can I see them for use after running?  Sure.  Do I use them after running?  Not really.  But all the other times and occasions I’ve used them I seriously can’t NOT have them around.  They smell like a peppermint and feel cool and refreshing.

My only “con” is that I wish they were a little bigger.  I have some big ole feet and I usually use 2 (sometimes 3 on my funky feet).  Oh and the other thing that I can’t really call a “con” because it stems from them being used not as intended…
My daughter kept stealing them and saying “mmmmm smells nice” while rubbing them all over her face.  She has super sensitive skin and it did give her a little red rash – but again – they are NOT intended as face wipes and the child breaks out over unscented body wash so I’m not hating on Fresh Feet Wipes hahaha.

All in all these things are awesome and they are a great stocking stuffer or gift for your running buddies or for friends who do yoga.  Also great to keep in the diaper bag for after the park or anywhere your kid is running around bare/sandal footed.

I give ’em two big toes up!

Check out their website: Fresh Feet Wipes –
OOOHHHH SNAP – This just in, I just checked out their website (for the first time since they sent them) and they are coming out with PEACH WIPES!!! Way cool!!  Also some new canisters.  Awesome sauce!

OH and we’d also like to thank them for supplying enough packages of wipes to giveaway to our Virtual 5k winners!!!  You guys rock.  Can’t wait to see what new products you come up with!!!

And don’t forget:  Use code ‘friend’ for 25% off :)

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