This is a super fast way to make a fun running skirt for a race.  No – it’s not ‘professional’ by any means….. and yes, you WILL need to wear shorts/capris/tights or something under it (PLEASE) – but it’s super cheap and easy to make!!!

The whole skirt in this video took less than 15 minutes to make and for less than $5 (the video has been edited down slightly because it’s already boring enough)
The skirt in this photo is slightly more ‘advanced’ than the tutorial – but we will make a tutorial for this one soon.  It cost less than $5 as well and is made from the same 3/8 yard fabric and 1.5″ elastic!  Please stay tuned :)

The fabric can be purchased at Hobby Lobby for $5.99/yard or $6.99/yard depending on which one you like best… (use a 40% off coupon if there is one out and save $$).

The elastic is 1.5″ wide elastic (the no-roll kind is VERY stiff so I’d avoid that… this is just basic elastic) and can be purchased by the yard at most fabric stores or in a small package at Hobby Lobby for $2.59 (again, use a coupon if there is one out!!).

Depending on how clever you are with your coupon use – this skirt in the tutorial can be made for as cheap as $2.75 or full price is $4.92 ;)  Obviously longer or larger skirts may be a dollar or so more.

The skirt in this video used 3/8yard of fabric and was enough for about a size 4/6.  Size 8+ may need to get between 2/3-3/4yard fabric (depending on the length of skirt you want and to add fullness) and will need to divide the fabric into two 1/3 or 3/8yard sections then sew end to end to make one looong rectangle. Then you make the fabric ‘loop’ as I did in the video.

Also note that if you want a QUALITY skirt with some bling – visit the awesome folks over at Sparkle Skirts – the ORIGINALS of fancy rear-gear.

Enjoy :)

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  1. Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog says:

    Like! i pinned this :)

  2. Calvin & Casey Toole says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing, I am going to make a bunch for my friends and I who are running in the Diva Dash :)

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