I wont lie – I had NO clue what the SPI in SPIBelt meant… thought maybe it was because its so sleek and small that it’s like a spi… oh wait… that’s spy… ok so I was clearly wrong.  It’s the Small Personal Item Belt and it’s AWESOME.

I’ve mentioned in my Favorite Running Gear post that I love my SPIBelt… it really is SO comfortable and actually stays put!!  It even helps to hold up a pair of capris I have that are loose at the waist!

As you saw yesterday SPIBelt has graciously given us a Dual-pocket running belt just like the one I’m wearing in the photo below as a giveaway for MRTT.  I know a lot of people enter contests just to enter – so I figured making yall EARN the entry through completing the Virtual 5k would be the best way to ensure it really was runners/walkers who were entering hehe.

If you haven’t registered for the Virtual 5k yet, you can do that by clicking HERE.

If you HAVE then start coming up with something fun you can do to make your run different and exciting!!
In the meantime – check out what I keep in my SPIBelt :) If you were to win – what would you keep in YOURS?

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2 Responses to SPIBelt: The Small Personal Item Belt

  1. nicole says:

    Honestly Spibelt should be using your pics to promote their belts b/c NONE if the pics I have seen showed clearly all the "crap" tahey can hold…NOW I want one, rather than just considering wanting one!!!!!

  2. Pam Burrus says:

    tee hee hee ;) Thanks!! You should tell them that – I entered this pic to photo contest of theirs!!! Go to spibelt's facebook page, find the pic and TELL them that ;) But yes, the pic below is everything in my hands!! They are great!

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