Heather and I mentioned we were beta testing the Sports Tracker app for iPhone.  We found it to be MUCH more accurate than Run Keeper and we LOVED the community feature!!!  We added each other as friends and it would literally message me when she completed  her workout!!  How’s THAT for motivation!!???

It has the option to instantly upload to facebook (please use caution when uploading maps if running in your neighborhood – dont want any creepers stalking you) and you can see all the important data like splits and what not.

I love that it tracks calories burned and gives your average pace for a run (which I found to be more useful than current pace).   It also has some pretty neat map features which I haven’t explored yet!

Honestly – I loved the Friends feature the best – especially since we are in the biz for motivation – but as a whole it’s a good app too :)

Go get it for your iPhone in the app store or find out more info here: www.sports-tracker.com

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5 Responses to Sports Tracker available for iPhone

  1. Nicole Orriëns says:

    Sounds great. But do you need an iPhone to use it? Or is that a really dumb question…

    Right now I use the Nike chip to track my runs.


  2. Katie A. says:

    Sounds like the features you loved about it are all the features that I loved about iMapMyRun over RunKeeper. Hope y'all decide to test iMapMyRun out as well, as I'd love to know how it compares to this Sports Tracker :)

  3. Shahryar says:

    When you go to share the details after the activity, is there a way to share everything but the maps? Or control who gets to see the maps?

  4. Pam Burrus says:

    I actually just asked them the same question!!! I'll let you know when they respond!

  5. Sports Tracker says:

    Hi Pam and everyone!

    We love the idea of being able to share workout data without the map. We totally understand the need to keep your location a secret in some cases.

    Let's see if we can add that feature to Sports Tracker in the near future.

    Thanks and glad you enjoy our app :)

    – Jussi / Team Sports Tracker

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