I’m a sweaty betty… and I’ve always HATED it.  My shirts always get these nasty patterns after races and runs so I typically try to find shirts that don’t show sweat much.  Well… that is until I found something that makes sweating FUN!!

ViewSPORT came up with a clothing line that actually ENCOURAGED you to sweat!!!  The shirts are cute as is (when dry) but when you sweat a secret message appears!!!  I mean seriously – how fun is that???

Check out this shirt when wet… see the “Chase Me?”  Only appears when I’m busting my butt working up a fierce sweat!!!  All the more encouragement to work HARDER!

And just in time for the cooler temps they are coming out with LONG SLEEVE!!! And in some totally cute colors also!  This is my current fav…. “Beast Mode” is one of my mantras when working toward a goal or PR so I LOOOVE that this shirt says “I am a beast” when I’m sweating!

Sweat activated clothing - ViewSPORT

For all my fellow #fitfluential ambassadors – they even have custom shirts for us!!  We will work on one for Moms RUN This Town as well…. I love this stuff!!!!

I think this is brilliant!!! Finally someone understands that sweat is a GOOD thing!!!

SPECIAL OFFER! Order today and get FREE SHIPPING on two shirts!! Use code “freeshipping” at checkout!!

Visit the ViewSPORT website at: http://www.viewsport.us
and be sure to “like” them on facebook HERE

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