I don’t write many virtual race recaps but The Boring Runner asked and he shall receive.

First off, I don’t promote blogs by running DUDES a lot, but Adam is ridiculous funny.  I highly recommend you follow him on twitter and read his blog often.

The Boring Runners Sweat Your Thorns Off Virtual 5kOk – so today’s virtual race was the 3rd Annual Sweat Your Thorns Off Virtual 5k.  It was pretty cool because I was in the mountains visiting the inlaws.  I usually run solo here – but recently found out this tiny (but SOOOO awesome) town had a RUNNING CLUB.  Um hello – sign me up.  I’m kinda a running club junkie (this makes #4 currently).

Anyway – it poured down rain last night, kid didn’t sleep well which kept me up trying to get her to bed and what not, was kinda praying for a downpour when I woke up so I didn’t have to go, but it was only a light drizzle.  There was a group of the Tryon Running Club members meeting up at the track and I was DYING to meet them after stalking and posting religiously on their facebook group.  Actually I felt I owed it to them to prove I was truly a real person and not some weird running club stalker (however the ‘weird’ and ‘stalker’ part is still somewhat debatable) ;)

I wasn’t feeling speed work – thank goodness that’s not what they were doing!!  We did a 2 lap warmup, 2 laps of skipping, jogging, skipping, jogging, butt kicks, jogging, butt kicks, jogging… then 2 laps of cadence jogging/walking….. that left me with about 1.5 miles to do on my own.  The drills were fun – but the company was the most fun :)  I LOVED these ladies and was so glad I made it out to run with them.

I haven’t run “my pace” in a few months – so I was THRILLED when I did my last solo mile at a 8:28 pace.  Go me!!  29:49 was my official time for the 3.1 miles.

One of the most fun virtual races I’ve ever done!! Most of the time I run and get so bored just trying to get it done…. today was a different story!!! I didn’t want the run to be over!!

Meeting up with the group again on Wed to do a hilly run around the lake.  Can’t wait!

Thanks Boring Runner for the Sweat Your Thorns Off Virtual :)  It was damp here  and much cooler than Georgia – but I was still dripping sweat and thorns!!!

Photo of my new friends :)

Tryon Running Club - Tryon, NC

PS Check out my awesome INKnBURN skirt.  I just got it a week or so ago and it runs like a champ!!!! Love it!

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