I mentioned before we were waiting on our FuelBelts… and they came FRIDAY!!!   I decided to break this down into a 2 part post because I had a whopping 2.5 days with my FuelBelt before I had the chance to take it on a run…

Part 1: Opening the Box….the Initial Reaction

Looks: I was giddy with excitement as I pulled it out of the box and to my surprise – IT HAD REFLECTIVE TRIM AND DECALS!!!!  You read our previous post on running in the dark – and I have yet to get anything reflective to wear.  Well HELLO FUEL BELT – you ARE my new reflective belt ;)  I figure even on short runs it will be good for running in the dark because the entire trim is reflective and it has two reflective logos on it (and did I mention it was comfortable?)!!  That’s like a total bonus!!

Ok, so obviously I love the looks.  She sure is purdy ;)  Hmm.. actually I think she needs a name.  How about Phoebe.  Phoebe the FuelBelt.  I like it. (did you know my shoes have a name too?  I like naming my favorite gear…don’t hate… ;) )

Fit:  Of course I couldn’t resist trying it on right away. It is adjustable on both sides so I got the perfect fit for my hips.  (Sidebar: I see some people wear them on their natural waistline – I’ll have to experiment with this – I think I like stuff on my hips better….)  I was actually kinda surprised it didnt have elastic on the straps.  I dont know why I expected this – maybe because it looked like it had it in the pic??  Not sure, but then when I thought about it, I dont think you want elastic there – especially with water in the bottles… it would stretch and fall off.  So that was my ‘duh’ moment.  I love it so far because it just kinda hugs your hips – it’s padded so it feels good and comfortable when it’s on (again – haven’t gone on a run yet.. this is just initial reaction).

One handed entry: I tried pulling the bottles in and out. They advertise one handed entry – but it’s hard to jog in place in your bedroom and try to pretend to pull a bottle out so I think I’ll just have to review this part on an actual run. 

What else…. Oh the pouch!!! Yes, it has a little pouch!!  It’s not big enough for my iphone (not that I’d bring it anyway) – but they do have other pouch options available if you choose to bring your smart phone.  I’m not looking for another LARGE fanny pack (see previous post) – so the small pouch size will be perfect for my sport beans (when I try those…) or for keys.

And a few other little tid bits I found out later: The bottles are BPA free (yay! I’m kinda picky when it comes to this so that was a huge win), they are dishwasher safe, and they can be FROZEN (a tip from a friend suggested to freeze one bottle so it will thaw on the run but stay cool – just leave room for the liquid to expand). And……..

Drumroll please……

This thing is MACHINE WASHABLE.  Yes, you read that right- um HELLO AWESOMENESS.  You just toss it in the wash with like colors and hang dry.  (remove the bottles and pouch first).

So those were my initial reactions to the FuelBelt.  Wow- I haven’t even gone for a run and I’m like totally excited and in love. My friends call me a ‘gear junkie’ always like to have the latest and best gear…. but in reality – I’m all about stuff that is practical that makes running easier and that solves problems.

Stay tuned for Part 2: After the Run (lame reference to the Bachelor… come on – you know you watch it)

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3 Responses to The Fuel Belts are here!!!

  1. Christi says:

    I ran in mine for the first time (dumb move I know) in my half marathon. It fit amazingly and I hardly knew it was there. I got the Nathan brand which puts the bottles on either side of the pouch…I love mine.

  2. Cris says:

    Yours is much cuter than the one I ordered. I ordered the one with the larger pouch, and it is just plain black. I thought since I've been running alone a lot I should maybe have my phone with me.

  3. nicole says:

    I love my Nathan belt and the pocket is big enough for my blackberry, ipod keys, gels, beans gloves, and I love that it really is a one handed deal when taking out/ placing the bottles, but LOVE the color of yours, mine is grey (reflective) and orange. I wear mine on my hips, just feels better to me (or maybe I just feel cuter hehe) as my natural waist line is kinda high. I do feel like I have to tighten it up a bit after a few miles but it is able to be done on the run so thats fine, I think it gets loosened in the wash and I dont notice until I get moving, but once I get it back to where I want there is NO bounce

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