I looooooooooove my shirts from The I Am Brand.  They are super soft vintage feeling shirts – great fit – and the designs crack me up!!!  I was stoked when I saw a runner girl shirt – and then my FAVORITE “Everyday I’m Hustlin’” shirt :)  Oh – and who can forget the “I’ve got the runs” shirt hehhee.

If you didn’t click on the link above – he has this shirt that’s no longer listed on the site – but I LOVE it so he gave me a little link that goes directly to the “I Am” with a runner girl shirt so you can order that one too! 

These are not “sweat wicking” shirts – they are regular ‘wear around town’ shirts – but so much better because they are actually FITTED!!  I feel like I keep seeing regular boxy ‘tshirts’ or ‘performance’ shirts with cute sayings on them – but I love that these fit well and look stylish while making a statement at the same time :) And if you saw our video – you will know this is the shirt that I wore in our ‘how to make a sparkly skirt‘ video.  No he didn’t pay me to wear it… I just REEEEEALLY love the shirt and want to spread the word on good stuff cause I’m super cool like that ;) 

Because he said it so well on the website, I’ll just copy some info:

  • tri-blend shirts from American Apparel
  • modern fitted
  • very soft and cozy
  • design is dyed into the fabric
  • 100% made in our USA
  • eco-friendly inks & chemicals
All of our shirts are hand printed with great care. We use the best quality shirts and ink on the market. Our shirts have a very soft, light feel. The designs are actually dyed into the shirt so they feel very soft and last the lifetime of the shirt. Your average shirt is printed with a plastic based ink that cracks, feels hard and just doesn’t look as good.
Or if you want to go ahead and stock up on these great shirts, use code 4DTGE for 20% off your order!!!  And always FREE SHIPPING!!!!  So go ahead and get a few ;)
Now time to enter the giveaway!!! Do one or do them all -the more you do the more chances you have to win!!  Slightly new way to enter so read carefully.
  1.  I’m trying to convince the owner to make more running/tri related shirts – he asked for ideas so tell us…. what running/tri related design/saying would YOU want to see on these shirts??  Be creative – we know all the classics…. ;)
  2. Visit the I Am website and pin your favorite shirt (or the site in general) on pinterest.  Come back here and tell us what shirt you pinned.
  3. Check out their facebook page and “like” them: https://www.facebook.com/TheIAmBrand and come tell us you did.  And if you feel so inclined – let them know we sent you ;)
  4. Tweet your excitement about the giveaway saying “I want a #funnyshirt from @theiambrand and @momsrunthistown. #momsrunthis”
  5. “Like” Moms RUN This Town on facebook (or tell us you already do) 
  6. Share this giveaway on facebook and/or twitter using the share button below the post.  Come back and leave a comment for each one you do. 
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73 Responses to The ‘I Am’ Brand Tshirt Giveaway

  1. Byrd is Getting Crafty! says:

    I liked theI Am Brand facebook page:)

  2. pamiu70 says:

    I pinned the Got the Runs shirt (perfect for a runner with Crohns Disease.


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  10. MO's Mamma says:

    I pinned the site to my Running board

  11. Pam Burrus says:

    Hate that you have that – I actually have a few friends with Crohns/Colitis – no fun!!! But yes- it is ironically appropriate ;)

  12. MO's Mamma says:

    I like MRTT on facebook

  13. MO's Mamma says:

    I like I Am shirt brand on facebook

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    already like MRTT on FB :)

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    i already like MRTT on FB!!!

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    I like I am Brand on facebook

    Theresa j

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    I like MRTT on facebook

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    I liked I Am on FB!!

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    already liked MRTT on Facebook!

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    Tweeted about the giveaway!

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  24. Holly says:

    Liked I Am brand on facebook and said MRTT sent me!

  25. Holly says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway!

  26. Holly says:

    How about a "Running is cheaper than therapy" shirt? That's all I got :)

  27. mom27g says:

    I liked the I am Brand facebook page :)

  28. mom27g says:

    I already like Moms run this town on facebook :)

  29. mom27g says:

    I shared your giveaway on both my facebook pages :)

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    I tweeted your giveaway

  31. Lisa says:

    "Liked" the I AM Brand on FB!

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    Fan of yours on FB!

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    I pinned "Everyday I'm hustlin" on Pinterest

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  38. Shannon Smith says:

    I like the saying "13.1 – I EARNED my bragging rights"

  39. Shannon Smith says:

    I pinned the purple I am hustling shirt http://theiambrand.com/sports/marathon/marathon.html

  40. Shannon Smith says:

    Tweeted & shared!

  41. lilrunner says:

    like MRTT

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    like them

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    pinned "Shorty" in purple…because it says it all!

  45. Meagan says:

    I already like mrtt on fb.

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    I liked the I am brand on fb

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    I shared the giveaway link on fb

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    I pinned the "Everyday I'm Hustlin'" shirt on my pinterest board

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    How about "Running to Save Lives"?

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    liking MRTT on FB

  54. nicole says:

    How about getting them to give us a deal on shirts with the MRTT logo? thats a shirt I'd buy!!!!

  55. Jerilee E. says:

    I have no idea about shirt slogans- I have a keychain that says "26.2 – I go all the way". I would love that on a t-shirt. My friend has a keychain that says "13.1 – I don't go all the way".

  56. Jerilee E. says:

    I pinned the "Everyday I'm Hustlin'" shirt on my Running Gear board! Love it!

  57. Jerilee E. says:

    Like I Am on FB!

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    Like MRTT on FB.

  59. Tina Hein says:

    I already like MRTT on fb

  60. Jessica T says:

    I'd like a shirt saying "Running Mom" or something similar.

  61. Jessica T says:

    Pinned "Got the Runs" under Running on Pinterest.

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    Already like MRTT on Facebook!

  63. ashley says:

    Pinned the 'I am' shirt on my 'Run like a {MOTHER} board

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  66. Corrina says:

    I think they should do a shirt that says "mama needs to run" which is my slogan…and the name of my running blog! but so many of us moms NEED to run, ya know :)!

  67. Corrina says:

    I pinned the site in general on my "running" board…couldn't find the I Am shirt–but I really liked it

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    I tweeted the giveaway

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