I love me some Jeff Galloway.  I mean for real!!!

I’m trying to figure out my pacing for races.  It seems to be all over the place.  I know a lot plays into races: Heat, humidity, time, distance, blah blah blah… I just want to know how fast I should be running for training purposes and what that should equate to on race day.

While working on my marathon training plan today I stumbled across Jeff Galloway’s “Magic Mile”.  Holy cow it like NAILED what I was trying to figure out! You have GOT to do your ‘one mile time trial’ and use his “Magic Mile” calculator to figure out your pacing!!!!


I’m running WAY too fast for training.  I have got to slow down and go on easy runs – Apparently I’m supposed to be doing long runs at about an 10:45-11:45 min mile for half/marathon training and I’m doing about 9:47ish.  WAAAAY too fast!!  Even if I can just slow it down to 10:15-10:30 I think that may help.

I know – it seems like you should be practicing your pace on your long runs – but apparently this is not the case.

I tried his idea of going slower to go further when I was pushing my daughter on a 9mile run – and finished 9 miles STRONG.  Then did it again on my next long run pushing the kid and completed 11 miles!!!  It just totally makes sense, but for some reason when I’m not pushing the jogger I feel like racing myself.

I have a 16 mile run coming up and I’m going to force myself to go at a 10:30-10:45 pace and just see how easy it makes the long run.   I’m totally excited about this!!! I loooove ‘easy’.  Oh – and he did say that you burn 100 calories per mile regardless of how fast you go – so I guess it doesnt matter how long it takes me – I’m still getting a milkshake when I’m done ;)

Now I just need to do my ‘magic mile’ the right way (I just used my fastest mile that I knew of…. ) and see what my real times should be.

Oh I just LOVE learning new things!!!!!!

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