mannequins are too skinny - real mannequins - fitness mannequins - change the shape of fitnessAbout a year ago I was on the hunt for a mannequin to add to our expo booths to sport our MRTT SRTT gear.  I literally spent HOURS UPON HOURS looking for a mannequin that looked like a runner.  No, not just a mannequin that was in a running pose, I wanted someone who was AVERAGE height, AVERAGE weight, AVERAGE build…. and NOTHING about the mannequins I found were average. Turns out most “average” mannequins have a 23-25″ waist (I found one with a 26″ woo hoo! haha). They are all 5’7″ -5″9″ and have 32-34″ hips with features that just didn’t say STRONG to me.  It bothered me. I feel “average” and at 5’4″, 29-30″ waist, and 37″ hips I’d be considered a “plus size” mannequin (although a short plus size haah).
That’s just whack. I’m a size 4!

That’s when it hit me. With ALL the athletic companies and ALL the athletic gear – HOW in the world are there not mannequins that show more what our average for fit minded women are?  Yes, I realize that it’s hard to create ONE mannequin that will represent us all – so why not have 5?  Why not break down our heights to small ranges, average out our bust, waist and hip measurements, and offer a line of mannequins that look like US.

So now I have a little idea, but I need to know what the average size of MY runners are!!! Will you help me out? You don’t HAVE to put your name and email…  I just want to know bust, waist, hip, thigh measurements and height. I need as MANY measurements for female athletes as possible so I can get an accurate “average” so share with your friends who do crossfit, run, or any other form of exercise.

I’d love to see what “real” women are shaped like on average which will help me to determine the new shape of what fitness  is.   Your info will NEVER be shared – only for me to determine what averages are for different heights.  If so please fill out this form HERE

So what’s my goal here?  To take the averages from different height ranges (4’10”-5′ | 5’1″-5’3″ | 5’4-5’6″ | 5’7″-5’9″ | 5’10”-6′) (depending on findings we may drop to 4 ranges) and average out the bust, waist and hip measurements.  Find a woman who fits those measurements and not just make a mannequin that has those same measurements, but cast HER as the mannequin!  Maybe she has some leftover skin from that baby belly, maybe she has wide set hips, maybe she has big calves – we want HER.  Four measurements doesn’t show what a real woman looks like – we need actual curves, actual muscles, actual EVERYTHING so that when you walk up to a mannequin in a store and see a cute outfit – you can RELATE to that girl. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “that wont look like that on me” – but that’s why this needs to happen!  We need to CELEBRATE all body types – not just a generic mannequin with unrelatable features.

And beyond the average – once we get these mannequins made I want their backstory – I want to know what they do for fitness, how many kids (if any), what they do for a living, who are they?  Then one day when a fitness store displays a “Rachel” mannequin they are displaying everything that she is, everything that she does, everything that she’s conquered, all her successes, everything that makes her the model of fitness.

Mannequins are expensive, custom mannequins are even more expensive (I was given a quote of $2,500 for a “quick” way to cast the mannequin :( ), but this needs to happen!!!  Who can help?  What can we do?  Can anyone see the vision??  Start by filling out the form and helping me collect the data.

I started a “gofundme” account although you aren’t funding ME (that’s why I wanted it outside of MRTT SRTT account) you are specifically funding this project.  I’m wondering if all of our followers would donate $1 – yes, ONE dollar – we could get $20,000 and we should be able to pull this off.  Think we can do it???? If you think this idea is so crazy that you just NEED to see it completed…. feel free to donate here:  – WORST case if we can’t raise the money we will put the money towards some other project or charity or something that I know you will all be SUPER proud of…. but with that said I TOTALLY believe this can work!

Stay tuned as I figure out the next step…. in the meantime I’d love for you to share this and maybe it will actually happen!!!!!

Ready for “Real”

I asked my friend Nicole at SkirtSports (who totally loves this crazy idea) to measure the waistline of one of her mannequins.  It was approx 25″ (avg mannequin size) so I decided to measure my waist and see if I could “suck in” to get to 25″… you know… just to see what a 25″ waist looked like on my frame.  Not cute.  Not cute at all.  Now, I’m not saying that ALL 25″ waistlines are unattainable or unrealistic!! They are totally normal!  I’m simply showing how even someone 5’4″ and 128ish lbs who is “fit” is not the “average” mannequin size.  It’s all about shapes people, mine isn’t like a mannequin but maybe one day there will be a mannequin with my shape ;)

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