Heather here! So I got my new shoes on Friday (Brooks Ghost). I planned on wearing them Saturday to the race! I ran in them Saturday no problems very comfortable No blisters felt like I was running like normal No aches and pains from them during the race. Pam said that I was landing on my feet right. My last Shoes were stability shoes and the video at West Stride said that I didn’t really need a stability shoe. I was very happy to hear that everything looked great!

On Sunday I have my long runs! I was going to run 8-9 miles..Put my new shoes and my fuel belt on and off I went! I was not looking forward to the run – I had to run all 8-9 miles by myself! Shoes were doing great, but about 2 and a half miles in I noticed my shoes are rubbing the back of my foot. Then the question is run back or just finish it out! I didn’t have another day that I could run the long run so I decided to just go for it. I also was trying to run under a 10 minute mile. Long story short I was very fatigued running so about mile 7 I quit! Got home and Looked at my foot and there is blood on the back of my shoe!! I guess they are broken in!! :) The socks I wore on Sunday didn’t come up as high as my socks on Saturday! I guess I will have to switch my socks up! Oh and I went home and my map was wrong from run keeper so I really ran 7.5 miles! I still love my shoes I will just wear the higher Socks or put bodyglide on my foot and hope that helps.

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  1. Pam says:

    Nice miles Heather!

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