In the past we’ve had a number of requests from men, animals, and inanimate objects in outrage over WHY they couldn’t join a women’s running club.   At Moms RUN This Town we try our best to be a very welcoming group and even added “She” Runs to ensure all women (not just moms) were welcome!  And our way of incorporating men?  Yep, we did that too with Fathers Also Run This Town (FARTT). We also realize “run” could be interpreted in a various amount of paces so yes, we include walkers, skippers, and trotters too.  Pets? Sure! If your pet wants to run with you, bring them along! (Our lawyer want us to include all animals must be up to date on rabies shots).  As for inanimate objects….  well, we are still working on that.  See?  We aim to please the masses!

Yes, we have lots of unusual requests, and one email recently sparked our interest.  It was from a girl who felt it was completely unfair that only people who ran or walked 26.2 miles could earn the title of “marathoner” or boast the 26.2 sticker. Oh we SO agree!!!!  Why limit the title marathoner to people who actually earn it by running or walking?  Why can’t it be 26.2 of ANYTHING?  In a world of emotions and hurt feelings, we want to ensure NO ONE gets left  out!  You get a medal, and YOU get a medal, MARATHON MEDALS FOR EVERYONE!!

This is why we’ve created the “Un-Run Virtual Marathon” – just follow these little guidelines (or don’t, really there are no rules because rules offend people) and you too can earn the title of marathoner and order yourself a 26.2 medal to show the world that you did 26.2 of something!  Who cares what the 26.2 is, right? 

How to participate in the 26.2 “Un-Run Virtual Marathon”:

  1. Decide you want to be a marathoner. You can post on your facebook wall “I’m going to do a marathon today” or just declare it to yourself. 
  2. Pick what you want to do 26.2 of.  Plan to read 26.2 books?  Ok, that’s kinda boring, but that works.  Drink 26.2 beers?  Yup!  Marathoner.  Want to pet 26.2 dogs? Go marathon dog petting.  Literally ANYTHING IN THE WORLD you want to do for 26.2 minutes, 26.2 actions, 26.2 objects…. seriously doesn’t matter.  Heck, you can even eyeroll 26.2 times and earn that marathoner title (I’ve basically earned “ultra” status on this one….)!
  3. Be sure to hashtag basically every post or picture with #marathontraining. Remember, this is NOT about running….. so if you are instagramming you cheese fries…. hashtag it.  Marathon those fries baby!!  Filtering the fool out of that selfie to the point where no one in real life recognizes you from your pic? 26.2 filters for the win!
  4. Find a way to incorporate the fact that you are doing a marathon to everyone in conversation. That’s what marathoners do right??  Someone in the checkout line has kale chips in their shopping cart?  Casually say “Oh you like kale chips too? Yeah I’m going to be doing a marathon and kale chips are kinda essential to my training.  No, not running a marathon… I’m in a kale chip marathon.  I’m eating 26.2 kale chips for a snack. It’s kinda a big deal.”  Perhaps your friend posts they just completed an 18 mile training run?  Trump that running nonsense with a comment like “I’m training for a marathon too.”  They don’t need to know more details.  It’s YOUR 26.2.
  5. Get to it.  Focus. Don’t give up.  Doing 26.2 of anything can be a mental challenge but with the help of your local MRTT/SRTT chapter we know ANYTHING can be achieved!

When you have completed your marathon be sure to head to our Facebook page and comment under the post with what you did to achieve your 26.2!  And CONGRATS on becoming a marathoner!  Slap that 26.2 magnet on your car girl, you earned this!


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