One of our members shared Frogg Toggs with us.  They carry a large selection of rain wear, outer wear and other outdoor apparel …

And you are probably thinking – “If it isn’t running gear I don’t want it” BUT they also have these crazy amazing cooling towels!!  I’ll admit – I was thinking, how can a towel get COLD just by wetting it. Our member said she swore by hers so we figured we’d give it a shot and contacted Frogg Toggs who graciously sent us the Chilly Pads to try.

OMG THESE THINGS ARE CRAZY WEIRD – and I mean that in the best way possible!!!  I pulled the somewhat damp towel out of the container and per their suggestion I wet it with the hottest water possible and squeezed out the excess water with a good wring-out. Within minutes is was cool – and it got COLDER. Even to the point where when I draped it around my neck it made me shiver!  I kid you not!!!

The Chilly Pad is a pretty good sized towel so it’s not really something you would carry with you while you ran – but something you can keep in your car and douse with a bottle of water (any temp!!!! even water that’s been sitting in your hot car!!!!) and cool yourself down after a hot run!!!   AND if you were wondering – it’s NOT a sopping wet towel – it’s actually DRY TO THE TOUCH!!!!!  I know – you can’t imagine – but I SWEAR it’s the craziest weirdest coolest thing you’ve ever seen!!!!  It’s made of some super evaporative material that cools as the water evaporates – I know – so hard to comprehend but just awesome is all I can say!!

I took mine with me on a run (I was pushing the jogging stroller) and just kinda patted my face with it.  It was ‘cool’ – but not as COLD as I’ve feel it get – I think because it was so stinking humid outside (it DOWNPOURED when we got back to the car) that the water couldn’t evaporate and it couldn’t do it’s job.   I soaked it with water again when I got back to the car and let it sit in the DRY car and yup – it got COLD – again – cold enough to give me chills!

And guess what!!??? They now have the Chilly Dana (think bandana) that is cut so that it can wrap around your neck (or wear like a doo-rag) more easily!!  How nice would that be to finish a hot race or run and wrap a nice COLD towel around your neck?  It would be REALLY nice.  I can’t wait to have it with me after my next 10k.

Oh – and of course it’s machine washable – I don’t do much of the hand wash thing so this was a HUGE BONUS to me. 

Ok – so now you are like DYING to try one aren’t you??  WELL – the amazingly awesome people at Frog Toggs liked what we were doing with Moms RUN This Town – and liked that we were doing a virtual 5k on staying cool and hydrated – so they are giving us 2 Chilly Danas to giveaway to YOU!!!

Thanks to our MRTT member for letting us know about the Chilly Pad and the people at Frogg Toggs for letting us try the Chilly Pads free- we are SO glad we found them! 

We will give one away this month and one next month so make sure you do BOTH months!!!!
Click here to sign up for the Virtual 5k

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  1. Katie A. says:

    Those chilly pads are GREAT! I discovered them about 4 years ago when I was playing tennis! I need a new one as mine is quit worn out and has gotten mildewed over the years :( Wow, I hope I win won of these!

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