Happy Friday Mother-Runners ;)

Just wanted to kinda fill yall in on what’s been going on since we launched the Moms RUN This Town website on the national level 2 months ago!

We have had members join from ALMOST all 50 states and quite a few Canadian provinces!!
We have 79 official chapters started – some are still getting started – but we do have about 20 very active chapters!!   This month we will work on getting all the other chapters rolling and help them recruit new members!!

We have been approached to be product testers and app testers – and are excited to be able to share some of those products with you and let YOU help us test the items!!  Be sure to follow our blog by clicking ‘follow’ to the right to get updates on new products we have to test!!

We successfully had our tshirts printed (whew!  That was an ordeal) – but now have a better grip on how the process goes.

We are working on making some custom vinyl decals so that you can turn any shirt in to a MRTT shirt – AND we are waiting on reflective vinyl samples to come in this week!!!  How cool will it be to make any shirt a reflective shirt??

And – we are currently working on our Virtual 5k Summer Race Series – a series of 4 races (1 per month in June – Sept) where you run for fun (not for time) and have the chance to win some cool prizes…. all for FREE!!!!!!!!!!

Since there aren’t many races during the summer months we figured these would help keep you motivated!

Stay tuned for more info on all that- just wanted to keep yall posted on what’s been going on.  Thanks so much for hanging with us through our initial few months…  We appreciate you and just love our community of running moms!!!

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  1. Nicole Orriëns says:

    It sounds like a big succes! Congratulations!


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