Are you looking for a way to keep up with your running accomplishments and track your progress?  There are a lot of tools out there so we wanted to highlight a few of our favorites:

  • GREAT if you have an iphone or droid (or gps device like a Garmin Forerunner) – there is a free app you can download and using your phones GPS it will literally map out your course as you run it, show you your pace, distance, overall time and log it at!  You can add people in your ‘community’ and look for maps/courses that others have run in your area.  A great easy no brainer way to keep up with your daily runs.  And if you DONT have a gps device – you can still use their mapping system to figure out distance or just enter your distance and enter your time.
  • This one also has a mapping device to find your distance but it’s a little more complicated… You can’t really link your maps to your daily runs unless you upgrade, but if you know your distance it’s great for seeing a visual (in calendar format) of your runs, distances, times, pace.  You can run reports to see how many miles you’ve run, keep up with the miles on your shoes, find out training stats and more.  I’ve used this one for about 2 years now and I like it for being free :)  Just an easy way for a non iphone/droid user to keep up with their runs and workouts :)
  • Not really great when it comes to really breaking down your running and training, but it has great tools for keeping up with weightloss and daily caloric needs.  They have a database CHOCK FULL of any food you can think of and the nutritional information.  You can enter your starting weight, how much weight you want to lose or if you want to maintain, enter your ‘activity level’ and it will give you a recommendation for how many calories you need to consume each day to meet your goal.  When you do ANY form of exercise (yes, they even have ‘doing dishes’ in there) you can enter the type of exercise and how long you did it –  and it will figure out how many calories you burned based on your current body weight.  THEN it will add that to your daily calorie needs so you can keep track of all that!   GREAT if you are looking to shed a few pounds… I HIGHLY recommend it!!!
  • NikeRunning: Nike has a app on the iPod and iPhone It works good but the distance isn’t very accurate. it also tells pace and calories burned..I ,Heather, used it before I got the iPhone but with the iphone it has GPS and if you set it down in the stroller it doesn’t keep distance.So I switched to the free “runkeeper app”

I’m sure there are more out there – and we would LOVE for you to chime in with your favorite running tracking device. .. Let us know what you use and how you like it!!!

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2 Responses to Track your runs/fitness

  1. Pam says:

    I use RunKeeper on my iPhone. Great app for the money! Even better that I now put my phone to sleep so I don't touch functions by mistake.

  2. Helen says:

    I am getting a Droid this week & am very excited to try the RunKeeper App! Thanks for the tip!

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