Ok so this may be 4 years old….. but I’m cleaning up the Training Plan page and had my testimonial on there, so I figured I’d move it to a blog post and de-clutter the page! 

About 4 years ago I was feeling depressed about my body after 2 babies.  Running just wasn’t doing anything for it and I just felt “blah”.  I saw my friend Whitney (from He and She Eat Clean) post her before and after photos.  She was one of my friends and co-workers from high school and I couldn’t BELIEVE her pics!!  Turns out she had started a health and fitness blog.  I wanted to know what her secret was.

After following her for a while on social media and seeing her mention the training plans she had, I figured I’d give them a shot.  I still had no clue what I was getting in to but was willing to try something.  The 12 week transformation plan boasted that it was a home based (they also offer gym based) training plan using dumbbells, stability balls, resistance bands, and body weight.  Each day they spelled out the workouts – how many reps, how many sets, and gave a checklist.  

One thing that interested me the most was that there was VERY LITTLE CARDIO.  Not going to lie – I was kinda “over running” at the time and needed something different.  I bit the bullet and purchased the plan.  I was intimidated because I didn’t know most of the moves – but a quick google search and I was set. After a week I felt better, two weeks I was really feeling it, by week 6 I could SEE the difference and it was AMAZING.  I was HOOKED! 

This is my PERSONAL before/after pictures from doing the 12 Week Transformation (at home) program.  No, I didn’t starve myself or deprive myself of treats (mmmmm nutella…..) but I did make healthier choices… and the more changes I saw in my body the better it made me want to eat!   No, I didn’t do ANYTHING other than what the plan said… no extra running, no extra sets, no extra hours at the gym.  Straight up followed the plan to a T.  And while I’m posting a few  of my before/after pictures – the one I want you to focus on is my BACKSIDE.   Why?? Because I know for a fact that people will slouch, pouch out, over-hydrate, etc for before pics to make the afters look better.  While I did NOT do this (because I wanted to see REAL differences) I know that some of you may wonder if I did that…. but when you look at my back side there is NO denying change!!!!  NO ONE can “suck in” or “pouch out” love handles and back fat…. same with arm fat…. same with thighs.  It’s just not possible.  So to me it’s the most accurate proof that THIS PROGRAM (and the others) WORK!!!!!!!

12 week total body transformation – 12 week workout designed to build strength. Runner plans available as well as clean eating plans. Tried, Tested and LOVED by Moms RUN This Town founder Pam Burrus

Again, The program I did was the 12 Week Transformation (at home) to get these results…. but ALL programs are amazing!   I LOVE the Busy Body Workout which is what got me through the last few weeks when I was so busy I didn’t have time to focus on much….. and the Run Builder was designed SPECIFICALLY for MRTT members who are looking for a way to incorporate their training plan into the program.

Sample workout from the She Sweats 12 week body transformation workout

This is an example workout from the plans. Imagine a 40+ page super organized OCD person’s DREAM plan with everything you could imagine needing spelled out ;) Click for a larger view!

What if I’m training for a half/full? Can I still do this program? How do I mix it with my training? Here is my personal suggestion….. I would do the 12 Week Transformation when you aren’t focused on training for a specific race  or if you aren’t focused on a goal for an upcoming race (running it for fun).  If you have a half marathon or marathon as a goal race you may want to use the Run Builder program. The Run Builder program incorporates more running and helps you to run BETTER and STRONGER.  When you are done with your goal race then you can do the 12 Week Transformation (or even Run Recovery) as a way to avoid runner burnout!

If you only have a 5k/10k in the future you can easily integrate this program with your training.  My suggestion for this is to do the workout from the program FIRST…. add in running if you have the extra energy/days.  You can take away a rest day but PLEASE keep at least 1 rest day.  If you can’t run as far because you don’t have time or are tired from the workout THAT IS OK.  Why?  Because in the end you will be STRONGER and you will still be able to dominate your half/full – maybe even more so than if you were “just running”.  How do I know?  Because I hadn’t run AT ALL other than the few cardio days specified in the plan.  And most of those suggested walking 18-21min miles… um yeah, got that covered!  Towards the end of the program I signed up for a 5k I just wanted to run for fun “knowing” that I hadn’t been running and would probably suck… not only did I NOT suck… I CRUSHED times I hadn’t seen in about a year+.  I ran times that were close to my pre-pregnancy times!

After I had such awesome success with the 12 Week Transformation it sparked a number of conversations with me and Whitney ultimately leading to us teaming up to create even MORE training plans with runners in mind!!! Be sure to head over to our Training Plans page and see all the awesome things we are working on. 

We are now working on adding videos to demonstrate strength moves as well as give modifications – all who purchase the plans will receive links to the videos! I think you loooooove them as much as I did!!!! 

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