There are a bazillion things I need to tell you about so I figured I’d just make a blog post abut them :)

  1. If you were one of the gals who did not get your Hot Mama Medal and ordered in the INITIAL order (there were 36 of you that I emailed) – they should be in VERY soon and they will get shipped immediately!  I will also toss in some totally sweet MRTT temp tattoos :)
  2. If you ordered your Hot Mama medal on the 2nd round – again, they should be here towards the middle – end of August and will get shipped out as SOON as I get them packaged up.
  3. HOT MAMA WINNERS – those that emailed me have received their gift cards – those who didn’t will get theirs emailed as soon as I’m back home tonight (I was basking in the fresh mountain air all this week!)  Other prizes will be mailed out next week as well!
  4. Kids Virtual RaceKids RUN This Town – website and virtual race details will be announced next week.  The “race” will be held in October and medals will be shipped out at the END of October.  All kids who can walk up to age 14 can participate in the event and you will simply log their miles for the month then upload them at the end of the month to see who rules the roads…. girls or boys!!!  More details next week.
  5. There are a TON of great virtual races going on so please check out our Pinterest board – and just FYI – Pinterest is now OPEN to the public!!!! No more waiting for an “invite” – go sign up now!!!!
  6. We would LOVE for you to submit your story of how you became a runner, struggles, accomplishments, etc to us for our Super Mom Sunday.  Email it to us with photos to
  7. Announcement coming SOON for a thing we will be doing to give back to moms going through a rough patch or kids who may need an extra boost.  If you know of a kid or a mom who may be struggling with motivation, going through a rough patch or just needs a little ‘boost’ we will be asking for those stories soon – start thinking of your nominations :)
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