Virtual 5k’s are EVERYWHERE!!!! 

I completed a virtual 5k on the 6th (made it fun with some hill work) for Lets Move It Mamas:

Today I did double duty with the virtual 5k from Running Mate and participated in a Grand Prix race for our local running club (one of THREE that I’m a member of hehehe).  Ironically I got in exactly 3.1 (actually 3.15) miles in!  If I had run my 25min I would have been short ;)  Works for me!

The Grand Prix today was fun.  When we arrived we got a bib with a time on the back.  Our goal was to try to run that time WITHOUT using a watch or timing device!  We didn’t even have mile markers!  My time was 25min and I came in at 29:40ish – but I am HORRIBLE with time so I was just going off what the other runners were saying they thought our time was :)

So glad for our club grand prix series and all these virtual races.  Really makes running more interesting.

If you ever come across a virtual 5k – or if you are the organizer of a virtual 5k PLEASE pop over to our Facebook wall and let us know about it!!!

Our mamas LOOOOOVE them some virtual 5ks hehehe.

Next up:  The Hotter than Hades Virtual Half-Marathon.  You don’t have to do it all in one run – but I think I’m gonna cause I CAN ;)  It runs from July 15- Aug 15 and you have a whole month to complete it.

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2 Responses to Virtual 5k Frenzy!!

  1. fancy nancy says:

    I just signed up for the half! I love virtual races and have just really gotten into them!

  2. jillconyers says:

    Hi from a new follower on GFC and FB! What a cool blog! I'm already signed up for Hotter than Hades and looking for more! The virtual races are a great addition to marathon training :)

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