Mile 2
Oh damn it that hill is coming up!

Mile 3
As I was running by the conference center where we started I was wishing that Pam had her phone in her Spibelt!! If she did I would have probably quit!! At this time I was at the top of the hill and everyone was saying it was all downhill from here!! Which I later found out this was NOT TRUE!!

Mile 4
I still have 9 miles to go what did I get myself into!! Next time Pam and I go out for Margaritas I am not going to make any decisions that night!!

Here comes Heather!!!! (the pink/black)

Mile 5
Omg I have horrible stomach cramps hope they go away soon!!

Mile 6
Gee I wonder what mile marker Pam is at.. I would love to walk right now! But if I walk Now I am never going to be under 2.5 hours Wow 6 miles that went pretty quick BUT I still have 7.1 to go!! My longest race so far was 6 miles this is great!!

Mile 7
There was a lady in front of me that kept watching her garmin every minute I wish she wasn’t there!!

Mile 8
Yay the geyser! boo it isn’t going off!! I wonder what my time is!! Should I look at my time!? Or will it get in my head!! I really want to walk!! I have run this far suck it up you big baby!!Wait until mile 9 and then walk I wish that guy would put his shirt back on!!

Mile 9
Ok I have to look 1.5 hours Ok 4 miles to go in a hour to beat 2.5 hours I got this!!
I really want to walk!! Walk or not to walk!? Don’t walk wait until mile 10 Oh shoot I just got passed by a guy that was older then my dad!! A girl passes by me on her bike with a camera!! I would love to knock her off the bike and take the bike the rest of the way!!

Mile 10
I really really want to walk this is the farthest I have ever run!! I turn the corner and ALL Heck broke loose! A hill. Where in the H E Double Hockey sticks were did this hill come from!! So at this point ok it is ok to walk up the hill. A LOT of people walk UP the Hills!! And this one defiantly a HILL! Man I wish I had more energy to run. Pam would be disappointed in me!!  Mile 10.5 Ok I am going to run!!!

Mile 11
A girl came up to me “are we almost at 12?” I really didn’t want to look at my Sports Tracker again!! We should be!! She said “ I keep telling Myself we are under a 5k I got this” I replied we are under 2 miles!! 

Mile 12
Another little hill!! I started walking again!! And two ladies walk up to me “do you know how far we have gone?” I said almost 12.5 miles And they said do you know time I said I think 2:10 and they say we got this!! They wanted to beat their last time of 2:35 and I said that is awesome!! Looked at my phone and it was 2:12 and Then we turn the corner to were the finish line is .5 miles ahead This is awesome I am almost there!! But I still didn’t have enough energy to run!  .25 miles left I finally found the energy to run again!!

Mile 13
I am almost there I can now see the finish!! I have done it!! I have done it!! 2:18:52 My goal was 2:30 and after training I was going to try for 2:15 But 2:18 is very close!!

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One Response to What was going through Heather’s Head!!

  1. Pam says:

    This is a great report!!! I love your humor and can relate to your feelings!!! You described most people's emotions dead on the head.

    You ran a fantastic race and your pace, OMGoodness; awesome!!!!
    Pam A.

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