Sorry for the non-informative post today… I’ll admit – I was working on my (soon to be) 2 year old’s b-day party today.  But this isn’t a blog about me so we will move on ;)

The question of the day is:
Who has tried the Karhus? 

I’ve seen them in running magazines and I am quite curious about them – but haven’t tried them on yet.  They were at West Stride when I purchased my Newtons – but for some reason I just didn’t even try them on. 

Yesterday I got an email with this video attached (see below)…. today I saw an ad for some super cute pink ones (feather light trainers?? or something?) …. You KNOW how much I love my Newtons, but I think I just want to try them on.  You know, just to see ;)

Let me know if you’ve tried a pair and what you think!!

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Side note: I suddenly hear the “let down” music from the Price is Right being played in my head (you know the one – the Braw braw braw braaaaaawwwwwwww sad trumpet sound….). I just googled and found out the pretty pink/orange shoes I saw were actually MENS shoes. Hmmmmmmmm maybe they are a very strange shade of red – but it looks pink to me! I guess the pink/purple will do…..

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4 Responses to Who has tried the Karhus??

  1. scrapping4twins says:

    Those definitely look pink to me! I know someone that wears them and she loves them! I'm also a Newton girl!

  2. Nicole Orriëns says:

    Ooh, I love them! They look absolutely fabulous.

  3. fancy nancy says:

    They totally look pink to me! Maybe Sacouny can make me a pink shoe….probably not!

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