beadyeyes2You can ask my mom… I’m a glitter girl and ALWAYS have been. Anything that sparkles, shines, or is iridescent is kinda a big deal to me. So needless to say, you combine the MRTT logo with rhinestones and I’m pretty much a SUCKER for it!!!

I was THRILLED when Beady Eyes approached us for a giveaway.  I mean – what girl DOESN’T need a blinged up race day bag??  I was curious about the shirts as well, so when I received mine I was THRILLED to see the super soft vintage feel and awesome length!  It just screams PAIR WITH YOGA PANTS (gee twist my arm!)


beadyeyes sling bagYup -those awesome tank colors can be yours if you order from their etsy store and be sure to check out all the other AMAZING designs they have while you are there! Oh! And they can do CUSTOM orders too!!!

BUT I know why yall are here – you want to win the super blinged out MRTT bag so you can tote your knuckle lights, fuel belts, gus and what not in it… Ok ok… here is your chance!!!

You have one week to enter. Be sure to share share share!!! Good luck!

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