A few weeks ago someone asked me “what are the best wireless headphones” and my first thought was “what’s wrong with good ole corded headphones??”

Yes, as much as I love gadgets for crafting, computers, etc – I’m shockingly behind the times on my running gear.  My watch is a few versions old, my water bottle holder is falling apart, and my headphones?  Well, it’s like I said – they some cheap corded earbuds I got at TJMaxx.  So what do I know about bluetooth headphones?  I posted the question on our facebook and people were immediately chiming in with opinions galore.  Ok,… so my interest is perked. Maybe wireless headphones WERE something special.

A few days later I went for a run and was SERIOUSLY about to lose my s**t less than a mile in as I battled my earbud cords.  I tried threading it through  my shirt, I tried wrapping it up in my hand, one side would fall out, then the other, then I’d lift my hand to wave to a passer-byer and would yank the whole damn thing out of my ears, ……. and it hit me – this was actually a regular occurrence for me. I literally fight with my earphones and their cords so much you could almost consider it crosstraining!

Ahhhhhhh THAT’S why people wear bluetooth headphones.  I TOTALLY see the draw now!!!  Ok, now to find which pair to get.

Then I get an email asking if I want to test and giveaway a pair of AfterShokz Bluez2S wireless headphones.  Um, YES PLEASE!!!!  So while I don’t have other wireless headphones to compare them to, I’ll give all my honest thoughts/opinions here :)

AfterShokz Wireless Headphones Review - AfterShokz Bluez 2SFit:
When I first put them on I was like “whoa weird”.  I wasn’t sure if they were going to be for me.  The concept of something sitting ABOVE my ear and not IN my ear was odd to me.  I added the adjustment strap to make them fit a little more snug but they still kinda felt insecure on my head…. like it was weird because they were lightweight and I almost wanted to “feel” them securely in place, but I decided just to put them on and wear them around to see what happened.  I had already done my workout for the day, but I needed to clean my house so I just put them on and wore them around cleaning (without music, weird I know but I didn’t feel like carrying my phone around with me while I cleaned – but keep this in mind cause I have something to say on that in a min).  I kid you not when I say I actually FORGOT I had them on!!! I didn’t have to readjust them or move them or anything!  I went to readjust my pony tail and brushed up against them and was like WOAH oh yeah those are there.  I’ve also worn them on a run, during speedwork, lifting weights, during a HIIT workout (lots of bouncing) and indoor stair climbing in my house.  Maybe my head is just the ridiculous perfect shape for these – but NO SHIFTING whatsoever!!  No kidding and I swear I’d mention it if they did move!

Sound Quality:
Ok so I mentioned the first time I wore them it was when I was cleaning my house and I didn’t want to carry my phone around.  So my first time WITH sound was during a HIIT workout.  I was THRILLED with the sound quality!!!  I ended up LOVING that they sat above my ears and not “in” my ears because I could still hear my kids calling me from the other room when they needed me (which was often, unfortunately).  I also used them on runs with road noise and could still hear my tunes!  Sound quality = CHECK!  I’m gonna admit I didn’t even read about these before I got them but literally just googled to see what the battery life was and I read this description and was like WOAH I can’t say that better so I’m doing the ole copy/paste (it’s totally legit craaaaaaazy awesomeness):

Our patented design guides mini vibrations through your cheekbones to your inner ears, delivering stereo sound without plugging or covering them. Sound waves travel directly to the cochlea, bypassing the eardrums completely-an alternative for anyone concerned about potential hearing damage caused by traditional headphones and ear buds, and even a solution for those with certain forms of hearing loss. Custom Equalization Custom equalization adjustments take that a step further, allowing you to tune to preference at the touch of a button. LeakSlayerTM Though a range of sound leakage is common with most all headphones and ear buds, most of us don´t want to share our music and conversations with others nearby. LeakSlayerTM technology significantly reduces natural sound leakage, effectively allowing you to keep sound to yourself.

OMG one of my fav features!  Above I said I was stair climbing inside, yup, up and down my house stairs (115 times a-thank-ya) and again, I didn’t want to carry my phone.  This was my range test.  I put my phone down on the kitchen table and started my 30 min butt boster.  Never once did I lose bluetooth signal with my headset!!!  Yup, Eminem stayed with me all 1,955 stairs up and 1,955 stairs down (still bragging).  I’ve since used them while cleaning my house again and this time I DID turn on the music but was shocked that no matter where I was in my house I NEVER lost signal!  Not in closets, not when my phone was literally in the furthest downstairs corner and I walked to the furthest upstairs corner. Flipping amazing. (Website says 33feet)

Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Review - AfterShokz Bluez 2S reviewBattery Life:
It says 6 hours on the website, but I swear it took me forever to need to charge them…. Maybe it was 6 hours, but I just know when I was like “crap I should have charged them before my run” they lasted the whole run! There are even voice prompts when it’s getting low which is cool.

Well my 2.5 year old had them for a good hour before I realized and almost had a heart attack – but alas they stood the test of toddlerhood. For this time anyway.  They can also hold up to sweat pouring in Georgia humidity….. my deodorant can’t even do that!

Other Stuff:
Here are a few more neato things:

  • Comes in 4 cool colors! I got solid black, but the neon green are pretty freaking sweet IMO.
  • LOVE that it has a 2 year warranty!!!
  • You can use it to answer phone calls – so if your running buddies bailed on you – you can force them to talk to you while you are running and they are in bed.  And as for voice quality: Just called my sister and after talking for a bit told her I was on my wireless headphones and she said “OMG you are actually crystal clear”.  Win.

Overall Opinion:
Huuuuuuuuuugely life changing, highly recommend the AfterShokz Bluez 2S, can not go back to corded ear buds again, awesomeness.  I love being able to listen to my 90’s rap during workouts at home and in the gym and never have to fear my kids or other gym rats will hear the awful words that for some reason are the only thing that can morph me into beast mode.

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