This will be an ever-changing page as new situations arise and I’m sure I’ve left some stuff out.  If you have a question regarding appropriateness of something that is happening within a MRTT chapter feel free to contact your chapter leader FIRST.  I get hundreds of emails a day and there is a good chance I wont see it.

Disagreements within the Chapter

I’m posting this first because I get bombarded with “argument settling” more often than I wish to ;)

If there is a disagreement within the group I’m not only asking – I’m BEGGING you to try to settle the disagreement as adults.  Remember that I have 700+ chapters and more than 15,000 members. I can’t be the “judge” for disagreements that can be solved by talking it out or just agreeing to disagree.  Most of the time my answer is just going to be for yall to talk it out – and KNOW that women are HIGHLY emotional creatures.  A lot of us are or have been sensitive about our weight at some point, we are sensitive about our training, we are sensitive about our speeds….. we are just sensitive.  I’ve had to deal with my own issues in my chapter – and unfortunately with this many women it’s probably going to happen at some point or another where two women can’t agree and things are said, sides are taken, etc.  PLEASE just try to agree to disagree and choose not to involve yourself in drama.  You don’t need to defend the way you feel and I won’t be able to make someone stop being mean.  Lets all just remember to focus on ourselves FIRST and know that if someone is being mean they are probably dealing with something in their own lives that is making them act hurtful towards others.  If you look at it that way it’s easier just to move on ;)

Now for our other “Rules”:

  • No Men allowed.  
    This is a hard rule set by national MRTT.  We are a running group for WOMEN ONLY.  Members can be a mom to kids, a mom to pets or not a mom at all but she have to be a woman.  This rule also applies to face-to-face activities.  Unless specified or announced within the group that there will be men, a co-ed event or “family friendly” event, all events including running meet ups, are for mom members, their kids and/or pets and their female friends/relatives only. For special FAMILY events, such as parties or the summer/winter virtual runs, male partners are welcome. If a male spouse/friend will be joining a run/event for whatever reason, the member must let a chapter leader and the other members attending the run/event know.   This rule is in place not because we do not like or want interactions with men – we are just trying to protect the safety and security of our female members.  There are already established running groups that are co-ed that they can join.  MRTT is unique is that we are an all women’s running group!  We discuss issues, not only about running, but also about being a woman/mom/sister/lover/worker, etc.
  • Accepting joint husband/wife accounts:
    This is a hot topic and this is my and MRTT’s official stance: I understand why some husbands and wives feel the need to share an account.  Due to the fact that we do not allow men “join” –  I feel that anyone who has a joint account needs to be personally messaged to verify legitimacy.  As a chapter leader you have the right to deny someone if you honestly feel that they could be a potential threat – but we can not deny based on the fact that they have a personal account.  I have two accounts for different things and I can vouch for the fact that it is SUPER hard to manage two accounts and stuff gets missed.   I would ask the person if they mind switching to the Woman’s name first and be sure to introduce themselves.  You can use a personal message such as “To protect the safety and security of our women’s only running group we just want to verify that “so and so” is the one requesting to join Moms RUN This Town “so and so” chapter.  If so and when accepted to the group please introduce yourself within a day of acceptance.  Long term inactivity may result in removal from the group – if this happens due to injury or other reason please message me (the chapter leader) to let me know.  Please know we are only trying to protect the privacy of our members and safety of the women in the group”
  • Advertising within the chapter’s facebook group:
    It is our official stance that any advertising whether it’s your company or a members, paid or unpaid is NOT allowed.   Advertising – even subtle advertising – can be removed by the admin without explanation.  Examples of subtle advertising is “I’m placing my order for Shakeology if anyone wants to order with me to save shipping”.   I could list a billion more examples of ways people sneak in that they sell SOMETHING and it’s just not allowed…. running related or not.   Personally I find it beyond annoying when my facebook wall is flooded with spammy sales pitches DAILY.  We do not allow for sharing of fundraising – even for races – because that opens a can of worms for everyone fundraising and the wall will be flooded asking for money.  We do not allow for sharing of ambassador codes for races.  While some races are protective of territories – others aren’t which brings in the issue of multiple people “competing” for people to use their code.  It gets annoying.

    The absolute ONLY way it’s allowed in a facebook group is if your chapter’s admin creates a “file/doc” in your group called “Businesses, Blogs, Ambassadors and Fundraising” – section the document into four sections.  One for anyone who has a local business where they can list their business, description and facebook/web link, one for blogs where people can list their blog and what it’s about as well as the link, one for anyone affiliated in an ambassador program of any type for them to post their code – please note you are not allowed to give an ‘exclusive’ to ANYONE, and one for fundraising if anyone is doing a fundraiser.  Any individual post “reminding” members they have a business, fundraiser, etc should be removed.

  • Cliques:
    Unfortunately they are going to happen.  We want to put a positive spin on them and remind people that smaller groups of runners may form in the group based on pace, similar running times, etc.  I have cliques in my chapter and as long as they aren’t causing problems they are more than welcome to keep on keeping on ;)  Remember – we are GROWN WOMEN – lets all please act like it!!
  • Dissolving the group:
    We understand things in life come up and the chapter leader may no longer wish to be a MRTT chapter leader.  If this is the case they are welcome to “step down” as chapter leader but we hope that out of respect for the ladies in the group you let them know that you are stepping down (you don’t need to explain why) and ask if anyone is willing to take over as chapter leader for the group.  Please remember the group was created as a MRTT group not as a generic running group – so if you decide you no longer wish to be a part of MRTT and want to start your own running group you are welcome to – but simply changing the group name isn’t allowed due to it causing confusion in the members who may or may not be active or see notifications.  The members joined as part of MRTT specifically.  Please just let me know that you wish to start your own group and I’ll work with you on tactful ways to “announce” your new group and give the members the option to join your group and leave MRTT or to stay in both. Remember that MRTT should never be seen as a “competitor” group – we are all after the same goal and purpose of enriching the lives of women.

Again please remember that these aren’t the “only” rules…. these are just the ones we have faced so far.  If you have a question feel free to email but PLEASE remember how many emails I get and there is a good chance it will take a while for a response.

Bottom line is we want a HAPPY, LOVING, ENCOURAGING, SAFE, FUN, MOTIVATING, INSPIRING environment for women.  Focus on running, focus on positives, and lets all just run happily ever after :)