Virtual races are BACK and we are kicking off with this super cute MRTT/SRTT medal that actually FLIPS!!! 

Virtual starts April 1st (that’s no joke!) and if you pre-ordered your race medal you should have already received it in the mail! If you didn’t snag one it time, no worries, we will have a few more to offer on our website soon.

Here’s how it works:

  1. In the month of April, grab a gal-pal or join your local chapter and run or walk a 5k, 10k or Half Marathon.  You can do it all at once or spread it out over the month if you need to! Our goal is to just get you moving!
  2. Print your race bib HERE!
  3. Make sure you take pics and share them on our facebook page or instagram! Make sure you tag us @momsrunthistown and use the #mrtt #srtt hashtag!
  4. After you are done, click HERE to report your race time (although prizes are NOT determined based on time! They are drawn at random).

And that’s it!!!  We will give everyone the entire month of April to run their preferred distance before drawing for prizes at random.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for challenges throughout the month!

Here’s a little more info on Virtual races and what not!

Wait, so what exactly do I do with a virtual medal? Is there an actual race?

A virtual race is where YOU choose the distance and location, run on your own time, run solo or with a group of friends (we encourage friends!), and then you report back to us for a chance to win prizes!  All prizes and “winners” are drawn at random so there is NO point in lying on your time :)  Just run. Have fun. Tell us when you are done.  Hey – that rhymed!  Be sure to check with your local MRTT chapter to see if they are running as a group or doing group medal orders!!

You DO know the deal with “flipping” a magnet right?? No??  Well then here’s the deal:

If you are ever out and about… a parking lot…. a neighborhood…. anywhere really – and see someone with a MRTT/SRTT magnet on the back of the car (we have a few versions so keep your eyes peeled) just CAREFULLY* (please see note on this) remove the magnet and flip it upside down to let that member know there was another MRTT in the area!!  BUT – here’s the most fun part…. The person that got flipped now has to run or work out BEFORE they can flip the car magnet back over!!!  See? It’s like giving them a little boost of motivation and encouragement!!

*USE EXTREME CAUTION when flipping a magnet.  All magnet owners should remove their magnet every so often to clean any dirt and debris behind their magnet and on their car.  Magnets in extreme conditions such as heat or cold could have a negative effect on the car paint so please make sure your magnet doesn’t damage your car.  This goes for ANY magnet on your vehicle so consider this your friendly reminder.  When putting a magnet on your car make sure the area has been cleaned and dried beforehand.  If you start to flip someone’s magnet and it’s not moving, feel free to snap a pic and post it in your local chapter to show you “virtually” flipped someone!