There are SO many things we have to talk about as women (and women runners). We don’t want to clutter our facebook running groups – so we continually add new “sub groups” for our MRTT members.  Check out some of these awesome sub groups we have!  Join as many as you wish – but as with all of our MRTT groups there is absolutely NO advertising or solicitation for funds/fundraisers in these groups please.  Admins have also been granted permission to delete posts and ban users if they feel necessary. Please use these groups in an appropriate manner and only be uplifting and encouraging.  There is enough negativity elsewhere in this world ;)

General Info Running Related Groups:

Support/Common Interest Groups:

Health/Foodie Groups:

Training/Running MRTT Groups:

National Race Groups:

  • Moms RUN Disney :
  • DIVAS series: Coming Soon!
  • Allstate 13.1 series: Coming Soon!
  • Nike Women’s series: Coming Soon!
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll series:: Coming Soon!
  • Area 13.1: Coming Soon!
  • Zooma: Coming Soon!
  • Hot Chocolate: Coming Soon!

Race Specific Groups: