How do I start an MRTT / SRTT Chapter?

Take a min to watch this video (it saves you from reading) and see if you think being a chapter leader is a good fit for you!  We are looking for women who are passionate about running/walking/fitness who want to encourage other women to band together and keep each other motivated!  You don’t have to be an “expert” runner – we aren’t looking for coaches… just someone who really loves to get out there and rally women and spread the good word on how awesome running with friends is!

Ok, so I KNOW I want to be a Chapter Leader – now what?

We have simplified the process for you – all you have to do is:

  • Click HERE to fill out the “I want to be a leader” form.  You will receive a confirmation email that gives you a run down on some things you need to do to create your group, how to join our chapter leader group, and a page chock full of more info on being a chapter!  There are no commitments if you find out it’s not right for you – but we are so thankful to have new leaders to spread the motivation for running!!!